River2Sea Introduces Kong Swimbait and Rover 230 Topwater Lure

Richmond, CA – As more and more large fish are taken on big baits in general, River2Sea introduces two new lures to give trophy hunters more weapons in their arsenal.

Kong is a hard plastic jointed swimbait that comes in two sizes for use anywhere an angler fishes, while Rover 230 is a big, topwater walking bait designed to draw ferocious strikes from huge gamefish.

Swimbaits are among the fastest growing lure types in the industry, and Kong is Constructed of durable polycarbonate with soft fins and extra strong Daiichi hooks securely fastened to a stainless steel wire harness and hardware for extreme toughness. Kong will simply not back down from any fish that chooses to tangle with it.

Kong is available in two sizes, 6 5/8 and 9-inch both sizes come in either slow sinking or a floating version, and is available in six of River2Sea’s premium finishes for anglers to use wherever they chase trophy fish. Kong also comes with a set of replacement fins and tail.

Rover 230 was originally designed as a big walking bait to target peacock bass, one of the world’s biggest and meanest gamefish. But Rover 230 has proven effective on giant predators in both fresh and saltwater.

Like Kong, Rover 230 is constructed with a stainless steel harness affixed to extra strong Owner treble hooks to manhandle the strongest fish on the planet. Rover 230’s 9-inch polycarbonate body is coated in six of River2Sea’s finest finishes to attract attention.

Kong and Rover230 are available for immediate shipment. For more information, to see the colors and sizes and specifications, visit our website at www.river2seausa.com