River2Sea Introduces Nest Raider

Richmond, Calif. – Any angler that has been confronted with a giant bass that is locked on a spawning bed and has felt the frustration of not being able to trigger a strike. Such an occurrence often causes anglers to pour through their tackle boxes looking for the perfect tool to cause a reaction. River2Sea’s new Nest Raider is the solution to the bed fishing equation.

Waterdogs and lizards are known to bring out the mean spirited nature of bass, and the River2Sea Nest Raider is crafted to make the biggest of females respond. Nest Raider is a full seven and a half inches of bass aggravation.

Nest Raider is anatomically correct waterdog imitation that is molded around a two-ounce rocker style lead head that creates movement with the slightest twitch of the rod tip. A special air chamber is integrated into the base of the tail to help float the rear of the bait and make Nest Raider appear to be feeding.

Nest Raider’s tail is molded with a thin, wide vein so that any movement on the water triggers movement from the tail. The whole package is molded around a massive, extra strong, extra long shank hook protruding between the back legs for optimal hook set position.

Nest Raider is not a one-dimensional lure however; it works as a jig in deep water, especially on lakes where the use of live waterdogs is against regulations.

Nest Raider is available in four natural colors, and will be available for shipment in the fall 2007. For more information visit www.river2seausa.com