River2Sea Releases New Nest Raider Size

Richmond, Calif. – In 2007, River2Sea introduced Nest Raider, a lure designed to target the naturally aggressive nature of large spawning bass. Sightfishing specialists in the west embraced the new product, as did anglers who had loved fishing waterdogs as live bait, before they were outlawed on many waterways.

While anglers in states known for throwing giant lures such as swimbaits loved the seven and a half inch Nest Raider, a demand rose up for a smaller size throughout the rest of the country, and River2Sea has answered that demand with a new size; Nest Raider 128

Nest Raider 128 is a slightly scaled down, five inch version of our original with the features that made the original so deadly. Measuring five inches and weighing ¾-ounce, Nest Raider 128 features an extra strong, extra long shank black nickel River2Sea Big Bite Hook. The lure also features the air chamber at the tail and the rounded chin for perfect nest raiding action.

Nest raider 128 is available in all of the popular colors of the original size, including our new White Gold color. Each pack contains two lures.

Nest Raider 128 is available in five colors, and is available for immediate shipment. For more information visit www.river2seausa.com

Model - SF-NR128
Description - Nest Raider 128
Size - 5-inches, ¾-ounce
Product Action - Sinking
Retail (Map) Price - $9.99 for 2 pack

01 Fire Newt – 02 Watermelon Pearl – 03 California Tiger – 04 Red Bellied – 05 White Gold