RMD Safety Device Prevents Boating Trailer Accidents

Santa Clara, California, (November 15, 2006) – Research Machine Development (RMD) announces the market introduction of a revolutionary new safety device designed to prevent severe trailer equipment accidents and reduce associated collateral damage and traffic fatalities.

While hard data regarding the number of accidents is not yet available from government or insurance information sources, anecdotal data suggests that the figure is on the rise, due to the increasing market acceptance and use of low cost (and consequent low quality), foreign-made, leaf spring suspensions. The damage is caused by the unpredictable snapping of the metal blades while the trailer is being hauled behind its towing vehicle, usually at high speeds, on roads and highways. Usually, the ensuing accident is damaging to the trailer frame and fender, as well as the trailer tire(s) and sometimes the boat as well. At very high speeds, the towing vehicle itself, and any following cars, may also become part of the accident. The potential for damage to property and endangerment to health and life is great.

According to George Yonekura, inventor and developer of the trailer safety device, “Boating trailer accidents, due to leaf spring suspension failure, are increasing in frequency. You can see this on return trips home from a fishing weekend. Sometimes you’ll see some accidents, which could be a real hazard, but also for other motorists on the highway.” Yonekura’s comment on the current state of leaf spring suspension quality can be summed up as “The problem has become worse due to the increased use of low-cost imports and the associated decrease in quality. The new, low-cost leaf spring imports can snap in as short as two weeks after installation.”

Yonekura’s device, which reacts as soon as a leaf spring breaks, serves as a precaution against accidents. The device functions as a sort of temporary suspension to protect both the trailer and boat. In the case of a leaf spring failure, the device is set off and an airbag instantly supplants the functionality of the broken leaf spring. The device will keep the trailer functioning until it can be taken for repair. Yonekura recommends that a deployed device be used only temporarily for as long as a couple of days until the trailer can be safely driven to the repair shop. When the device is repaired, a simple replacement of the air bag canister can be done .

With the increasing use of imported low quality leaf spring suspension devices, trailers of all types are now increasingly susceptible to severe damage and are causing an increasing number of dangerous traffic accidents and fatalities on our nation’s highways and backroads. RMD’s device is the answer to the problem.

The RMD Trailer Safety Device can be installed by a local trailer repair dealer.

About RMD

Now in its 23rd year, Research Machine Development (RMD) (www.researchmachinedevelopment.com) provides special-purpose machined metal designs for recreational and electronics industries. Established in 1983, RMD is based in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California. Mr. Yonekura, a former employee of Hewlett-Packard and other local high-tech firms, began developing safety devices to address a need that he observed while pursuing his hobby of bass fishing.

For further information, contact George Yonekura, Research Machine Development, at 408-988-1785, or rmd988@netzero.com. or our web site www.researchmachinedevelopment.com