Russ Meyer Joins Powell Rods

Russ Meyer, who is one of the most consistent well respected, and dominant Western anglers of all time, has joined the Powell rod team. Russ retired from fishing a few years ago to focus on his business and his family. Recently Russ decided to re enter the competitive tournament fishing environment and since that re-entry back into tournament fishing he has done very well in the events he has participated in. He won the BASS Western Open on the Delta where he earned a first place by over 10 pounds. Some of his other accomplishments throughout his illustrious career include:

* 1st place 2005 Bassmaster Western Open California Delta champion.
* 2nd place 2004 Basmaster western open Lake Shasta
* 8th place 2004 Basmaster western open Clear Lake
* 2 2nd place finishes Anglers Choice for Boats
* 20 Other 2nd place finishes other Major events
* 1st in New Bass ProAm Calif Delta
* 2 Angler of the Year Titles West Coast Bass
* Won a Total of 13 fully Rigged Bass Boats
* Countless other wins in Team Tournaments
* Fished Full time for over 10 years on tour

Keith Bryan, President of Powell says: “Having Russ join our team is really outstanding in terms of solidifying an additional versatile angler with a strong Northern CA presence. Not only do I like Russ’s professionalism and fishing ability, he’s also a successful businessman, which I really admire. He’s just a great addition to our team, in more ways than one.”

Russ says, this is the first time after all these years of fishing that I have felt this strongly about one Rod company. The first time I picked up a Powel Rod and threw a swim bait with it. I knew I would not be using my old Rods anymore. They are the lightest most sensitive and strongest rods I have ever picked up. They are truly a work of art. A must have for ever avid Bass fisherman.

The Powell name has been around for 97 years. As we continue to grow, our main focus is to provide products with the highest quality standards which we’ve always done, backed by superior customer service. All of our sods are sold through retailers only. So go to your nearest Powell retailer and ask to see one of our rods. To find a Powell retailer near you, please visit our website at, or call us at (415) 382-9745.