San Vicente Reservoir Closure Update

San Vicente Reservoir is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays only. It is closed Thursdays and Fridays for construction of the San Vicente Pumping Facilities project, part of the San Diego County Water Authority's Emergency Storage Project.

Starting May 1, 2008, the reservoir will reopen on its normal summer schedule (Thursdays through Sundays). This will be the last summer season of recreation at San Vicente Reservoir before the full closure for the San Vicente Dam Raise project. See the reservoir closure schedule below for details.

Draw-down of the reservoir for the San Vicente Dam Raise project is scheduled to begin in mid-2008 and the reservoir will close to all recreation when the water no longer reaches the boat launch ramp. The reservoir will not be drained completely, but it does need to be lowered significantly before the dam raise construction can begin.

Construction of the San Vicente Dam Raise project is scheduled to start in early 2009 and will take about four years. The reservoir will reopen to recreation after construction sometime between 2014 and 2017, as soon as the water level reaches the new boat launch. The amount of time needed to refill the reservoir will depend on rainfall and water supply and demand.

For San Vicente Reservoir recreation information, please visit the San Diego City Lakes' website at