Skeeter Boats backs National Bass West

If you want to have a successful bass tournament circuit, you must have the support of a major boat manufacturer. That has been the rule almost from the beginning of competitive bass fishing.

National Bass West has enjoyed the support of Skeeter Boats and we are happy to announce that the relationship will continue.

Last year at the 2004 Havasu Classic, Kevin Hugo and Jim McNealy pulled away with a new Skeeter bass boat. It wasn’t the biggest or the fastest, but with help from AIM Marine, they left Havasu with a boat valued at nearly $21,000. For those who qualify for next year’s Classic, the prize is going to bigger and better – a brand new TZX 190, equipped with Yamaha 150 V Max HPDI, will end up being hitched to the back someone’s tow vehicle.

The TZX 190 is a well-equipped tournament bass boat, it is an 18.5 feet long, 92-inch wide fishing machine. This boat is capable of carrying 1,500 pounds of dry weight and can accommodate a 175 horsepower motor and it’s loaded with features including a Lowrance flasher, trim gauge, hydraulic steering, glove boxes a flip down center seat, contoured seats to make both passenger and driver comfortable, and a built-in cooler under the passenger seat.

The TZX 190 also comes with a standard Minnkota Max 74 trolling motor, dual pro charger, 12-inch manual jack plates, gas assisted lids, lights for you rod and storage boxes, integrated rod storage, a measuring board, fishing line spooler, bow panel with trolling motor receptacles and trim switches and the livewell system includes independent fill, recirculating and drain modes with timer and pumpout.

The quality of a Skeeter Boat is not just for their high-end boats, Skeeter never sacrifices quality for price. Just look at these construction and safety features standard on the TZX 190; Composite construction, X-Cess aluminum knee brace assembly, insulated aluminum doors, stretched sponsons for better stability and getting on plane faster, stainless steel pull-up cleats and more.

Since 1948 when Skeeter Boats introduced the first-ever bass boat, the company has been committed to building better bass boats that are more efficient, handle better, ride dryer and are just a heck of lot more fun. This is a commitment that still holds today.

If you take a quality boat and match it with a quality outboard motor, you have a combination that will make your fishing more fun and productive. Yamaha’s V Max HPDI, direct inject motor has proven to be one of the most reliable marine motors available. The motor gives you power you can feel. They are designed to give quickness to a bass boat increasing the fishability of your boat. They are very efficient, providing as much as 30 percent more range and fuel economy than a conventional two-stroke motor and they reduce oil consumption by 20 percent.

Mark Kile, professional bass angler and the West Coast representative for Skeeter Boats said, “We’re glad to sponsor National Bass West because the circuit goes to the grass roots of the sport and treats their anglers with the respect they deserve. That is what we stand for at Skeeter Boats, which makes this partnership a natural. It’s going to be a great year for both National Bass West and Skeeter Boats.”

John Barron, President of National Bass West said, “We have enjoyed working with Skeeter Boats and with AIM Marine. We are excited to continue to working with Skeeter Boats.”

Get your entries in early, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to win this incredible Skeeter Boat.