Snag Proof Open back to the California Delta for Froggin’ event!

One thing is for sure. It takes a lot to excite northern California’s bass anglers. The large variety of Pro-ams, team circuits - even national circuits with massive media crews poised to bring “showtime” to an area, seem to have a limit on the amount of excitement they are able to generate within the angling community.

There is one event scheduled on this year’s calendar however, that you can rest assured will excite even the most stoic of anglers. That event is the upcoming Snag Proof Open - presented by Outdoor Pro Shop - to be held on the California Delta, at Big Break Marina August 21st and 22nd!

That’s right the SnagProof Open, an event that has over the past few years, captivated the imaginations of those of us who fish for the fun of the sport as well as the cash and prizes, is back for another year to offer the ultimate frog fishing challenge on the California Delta during it’s hot August days!

Snag Proof Lures, makers of the original frog-bait that has proven it’s worth as a big-bass summertime bait all over the country, is ready to offer up another challenge to those of us who know what kind of excitement lurks just beneath that famous delta “cheese” so prevalent in the middle of summer. “We are happy to come back to the Delta and offer this challenge to the western anglers”, said Connie Fuller, vice president/co-owner of Snag Proof Lures. “The Delta is an unbelievable fishery and the amount of excitement this event has brought to the sport is truly unbelievable”. We hope we can always continue with it”, she added further.

Joining this year’s event as it’s presenting sponsor will be the Outdoor Pro Shop, one of the bay areas largest tackle stores that features the most comprehensive supply of tackle for black bass. With two locations to server you, Rohnert Park, and the new location in Oakland, the Outdoor Pro Shop will have EVERYTHING you will need to prepare yourself to do battle with those delta hawgs! In fact, every team that signs up will receive a $10 gift certificate redeemable at the Outdoor Pro Shop’s Oakland store! Last year’s Snagproof event drew well over 200 teams, with the challenge being that anglers were only allowed to use the Snagproof line of products. This year’s event will once again be a two-day, 3-fish per day affair, and promises to be even more fun and exciting than last year’s tournament!

Some of the excitement you can expect to see at this year’s event includes:

¸ Outstanding payback
¸ Raffles/Drawings
¸ Seminars featuring Snagproof’s pro-staff members
¸ Delicious BBQ dinner
¸ Product Show
¸ Boat Demos
¸ Product Demos/Giveaways

The event is scheduled for August 21 & 22, with weigh-in and awards festivities commencing at Big Break Marina. A basic outline of the tournament venue is as follows:

* Team Event (No Membership Required)
* Only Snag Proof Lures can be used (with only hook & painting modifications allowed)
* $200 Entry Fee (Includes Big Bass)
* $20 Option pot available
* $50 per pound Big Bass award given each day (Two awards given per day)
* All seminar launching and weigh-in activities will be held at Big Break Marina

And this is just for starters! More exciting things will be added so please stay tuned! As more details pertaining to this event become available they will be announced and posted on the Angler’s Press website ( Click on the ‘2004 Events’ tab to find out more information on the event, rules, and to obtain a printable entry form. Stay tuned everyone….!

- Angler’s Press
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