The SUPERBUMPER will pull your trailer, cushion trailer towing, protect your vehicle from rear-end collisions, reduce whiplash injuries, shield your gas tank from under-ride, reduce tailgating, add visibility, eliminate parking lot and parallel parking dents and dings while lowering insurance claims. It is the only bumper (original or aftermarket) to EVER pass the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 5 mph “Rear Into Pole” crash test without damage to the vehicle or the bumper. You can click here to “Watch It Work” à

Passing this test was important to us because the highest subset of all crashes is rear end crashes at 29.7% and 70% of all the insurance dollars spent on automobile crashes are the result of rear end collisions. Also, the “rear into pole” crash test is the most difficult to pass.

It is interesting to note that - Out Of All Pickup Trucks Made Today, Not One Has An Energy Absorbing Rear Bumper That Will Withstand A 5 MPH Impact – the reason – they don’t have to because the Federal bumper laws only require passenger cars to have 2.5 mph impact regulations. And, the average cost to fix a full size pickup truck bumper from this 5 mph rear into pole crash test is nearly $2,000 in 2004 prices according to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety. If you would like to review the exact costs according to the IIHS or to see a number of crash videos they are also available on our web site. The 2004 Ford F150 (right) sustained $2,042 from this rear into pole test.

The NHTSA also states that 78.1% of all rear end accidents are less than 12.4 mph – we’re looking to help out in this area as well. The worst whiplash injuries occur in accidents less than 10 mph and women are 38% more likely to have whiplash injuries in these low speed accidents than men. If we can reduce the impact 2-3 mph in this area, it could mean the difference between walking away to being disabled forever. We made the SUPERBUMPER to not only protect your vehicle – but to protect your family as well.

Some of the best benefits of this bumper are its portability, easy installation (less than 15 seconds) and you can pull trailers up to 6,000 pounds with 600 pounds of tongue weight so you never have to remove it. Keep in mind that you pull a trailer less than 1% of the time. The other 99% can be spent protecting your family, your vehicle and insurance.

We also have custom bumpers available (with backlighting) if you really want to separate your vehicle from the rest and adding your company name may qualify as a tax deduction under advertising. All SUPERBUMPERS come with: one Lift-A-Ball ball mount, one 2” Chrome ball (6,000 lb rating), one Storage Kit (stores your ball mount behind the bumper so it’s always with you), one hitch cover (covers ball mount opening) and two anti-slip step pads.

The SUPERBUMPER comes with a Lifetime Crash Warranty: If you get rear ended and the SUPERBUMPER bends or breaks, we’ll replace it FREE! All you have to do is send us a copy of the police report and a photo. No other bumper or ball mount will do what this one does – Guaranteed!

Hear are all the advantages to owning a SUPERBUMPER:
1. Pulls Your Trailer.
2. Protects Your Family.
3. Protects Your Vehicle.
4. Protects Your Insurance Rates.
5. Reduces Whiplash.
6. Reduces “Under-ride” and “Wedging”.
7. Cushions Trailer Towing.
8. Adds Visibility.
9. Shields Your Gas Tank.
10. Adds A Step Or Stand For Loading.
11. Reduces Tailgating.
12. Eliminates Parking Lot Dents & Dings.
13. Eliminates Parallel Parking Dents & Dings.
14. Eliminates “Spearing” Other Vehicles When Backing As With A Typical Ball Mount.
15. Eliminates Trailer Tongue Damage.
16. Eliminates Dents And Dings To Your Shins.
17. Makes Your Lifted Vehicle “Street Legal” In States With Bumper Height Laws.
18. Eliminates The Inconvenience Of Repairs.
19. Eliminates Watching The Rear View Mirror In Bumper To Bumper Traffic.
20. Easy Installation—Pin It–Plug It–Leave It.
21. Fits Any 2" Receiver Hitch.
22. May Qualify As a Tax Deduction Under Advertising.
23. And Still Allows You To Use All Those Toys.