Turning of the Page


I wanted to send a personal note to all our partners and friends to keep you updated. As you’ll see below, I am stepping aside as the CEO of ArmyBassAnglers, LLC as we execute a Change of Command. The Change of Command tradition and its rich history goes back to the time of the Roman Legions where the passing of the Commander's Baton, and in current times the Guidon, occurred in front of the troops to signify the changing of the Guard and the new leadership who would take them into battle. And as you know, ArmyBassAnglers is full of rich history and traditions that are executed both on & off the water to honor our heritage, fellow Veterans, fallen Veterans and service to our country.  With that said, LTC (Ret) Shawn Dalyrmple will assume Command as the new CEO of ArmyBassAnglers, LLC. LTC (Ret) Dalyrmple is a highly decorated soldier with multiple tours in combat and brings extensive leadership experience to the mission and is even the World Fishing Network’s first FORCE on FORCE (2) Time National Champion.  

I have been blessed and honored to be the founder and the CEO of the largest military outdoor organization in the United States for the past 17 years. I am grateful to be part of such an amazing organization and working along-side so many fellow Veterans who are passionate about supporting other Veterans and their love for the outdoors.

ArmyBassAnglers and its mission (Support.Defend.Fish.Hunt.) has been more than a job to me. It’s been a life’s passion, calling, and distinct mission to help and support Veterans and Veteran Non-Profits that I will always hold dear and close to my heart. Though I may be stepping aside as CEO, I will not be leaving the industry or the Organization. As ArmyBassAnglers and its brands have expanded, so has its mission with the founding of the ArmyBassAnglers Foundation and acquisition of the oldest, most historic and largest military charity tournament in the country, Fishing for Freedom.

Effective 01 AUG 2022, I will be assuming the position as Executive Director of the Board of Directors for ArmyBassAngler’s Foundation & Fishing for Freedom’s Board of Directors and a newly appointed position as a Board Member for Patriot Sporting Challenge. These new roles will continue my work, passion and mission to support our Veterans with oversight of ArmyBassAnglers, LLC and its newly formed Non-Profit partnerships and allow for the continued work with all our existing partnerships.

I look forward to this new Chapter in ArmyBassAngler’s history, continued partnerships and new direction LTC (Ret) Dalyrmple will lead the organization in—HOOAH!



LTC (Ret) Cody Roberson

ABA 6 (Ancient)