WesternBass wows readers with a step into the next generation

The extreme makeover of the WesternBass fishing forum has not yet ceased to impress viewers and new owner Wayne Wasulko gave an interview and exclusive look into the new changes that are expected to go live within the next 24-hours, a new digital online magazine.

In a move to make a big mark in the fishing industry Wasulko joins his expertise in advanced technology to the WesternBass website by providing the online WesternBass.com Magazine.

Expressing his excitement Wasulko remarked, “This is one of the coolest things I have ever done.” He continued to say, “The online WesternBass.com Magazine will take our site into the next generation.”

The online multi-media mag will incorporate features such as;

  • Streaming Video
  • Streaming Audio
  • Direct Links
  • Edition Encompassing Search Capability
  • Crystal Clear Zoom
  • Social Network Sharing
  • Issue Cropping

For readers, this translates quick clicks into full interactive experiences. Don’t just read an article; watch the video that demonstrates the article topic.

Don’t stop at reading about an angler: hear their personal audio messages.

Don’t just see a product piece; experience the item in full use with the sense of sight and sound through streaming video and audio.

The digital publication will be authored by more than a dozen industry persons that include fishing guides Andy “Cooch” Cuccia and Randy Pringle, U.S. Open winners Mike Folkestad and Chris Ricci, pro tournament anglers Troy Lindner and Jim Novotny as well as Ultimate Bass Radio host Kent Brown and Department of Fish and Game biologist Dennis Lee.

Online issues will be produced every other month, with the first full-feature making its digital debut in the early part of April.

A first look can be experienced today as an introductory WesternBass.com Magazine will hit the cyber stage within the next few hours.

Watch the WesternBass website for a personal post from Wasulko shortly, announcing the new experience.

To view the introductory mag now, click here.

For more information on WesternBass, visit their website.