GRANITE BAY - The Folsom Bass League opened the 2005-06 Season on November 6th. At blastoff, the 44 teams stood for the National Anthem. After a quick reminder of some of the rules, it was time to start the tournament. One by one the teams blasted off to their first fishing area of the day.

The final results showed that Brian Whitney and Jay LeClerc took first place, which earned them $850, had big fish for another $350, and also took home RANGER CUP money for another $200. All told, this team took home $1400 and some nice plaques to commemorate the win.

Second place went to Justin Lucas and Jack Schmidt that earned them $600 as well as two plaques.

Early leaders Niels Jensen and Ron Tarin brought third place home. They earned $450 for third place and another $250 for the 2nd big fish of the day, a 3.62 lb spotted bass.

I would personally like to thank all the anglers that came out to the FBL opener. It is support like this that keeps the FBL staff working hard for all of you. Thanks to my staff that did an awesome job to handle the size field that came out, GREAT JOB TEAM!!!

Thanks to the sponsors of the FBL, RANGER BOATS & THE RANGER CUP, C&C MARINE/CITRUS HEIGHTS (Thanks Mike!), OKUMA HIGH PERFORMANCE REELS, ROBOWORM, FISHERMAN'S WAREHOUSE, MARKEY LURE COMPANY and to the fine staff of SUSIE'S COUNTRY OAKS CAFE. These fine companies have chosen to sponsor the FBL, please support them by your patronage.

Our next event is Sunday, December 11th out of Granite Bay. Check-in will again be at Susie's Country Oaks Cafe with blastoff to follow at first safe light out of the Granite Bay ramp. Weigh-in will begin for the first flight at 3pm with awards shortly after the last boat weighs in. Entry forms can be found at C&C Marine in Citrus Heights, Fisherman's Warehouse in Rocklin, by going to www.folsombassleague.com and printing the rules packet (that have an entry form attached), or email me at basserone@comcast.net and I will send you one.

The early bird gets the worm, blastoff numbers will be assigned by order of paid entries received for all FBL events.

See everyone in December! – Scott Shambre