Williams Wins Top Stick Championship at Santa Margarita

Ever had that tournament where everything went right? If it didn’t for Guy Williams it was close enough. Williams posted a very consistent weight of 22.10 pounds on day one and 21.70 pounds on day two for a winning total of 43.80 pounds beating the field by more than three and a half pounds. Fishing outcropping rock piles, Williams droppshotted and jigged his way to a $6000 payday to take the first Top Stick Tour Championship held at Santa Margarita Lake in San Luis Obispo County. Williams’ payday included $5000 for first place and Day one and two heavy bags options for another $1000. Helping out with the first place win and finishing in first on the Amateur side was Keith Rini. Rini did his share of catching fish and put $2000 in his pocket for the weekends work.

Pushing Williams hard both days was Ron Cervenka. Cervenka, also on a quality pattern, posted 19.48 on day one and improved day two with 20.73 pounds for a total of 40.21 pounds to take second place and a check for $2500. Cervenka’s draw partner for the weekend was Randy Yamanouye also known as Ticket #3590, at least for this weekend but that’s a story all by itself. Yamanouye took home $800 and was "happy as a clam" catching jig fish all weekend long.

This weekend proved, again, that not only does he do well on the So Cal lakes he can catch them anywhere he goes. Mike Hart placed third with 35.64 pounds gathering a check for $1500. Mike Carpenter said it felt like deja vue all over again fishing with Hart. These guys used to be a team to beat a few years ago in the team circuits of Southern California. Carpenter also pocketed $500 for this event.

Fourth place went to Steve Morris weighing in 33.77 and taking home the $1200 Minn Kota 101 Pro Maxx Trolling Motor donated by Nick and Anne at The Trolling Motor Doctor.

Santa Margarita once again proved why it is a destination lake and if it isn't it certainly should be. If you have never fished it, here are some stats that should make you think about it. After four days of prefish and competition there were 117 fish weighed in for a total weight of 389.64 pounds, that’s an average weight of 3.33 pounds per fish. Fish were caught on dropshot, Texas rig, jigs, swimbaits, spinnerbaits, Senkos, crankbaits, frogs and other topwater baits. All fish were release healthy and alive thanks to Catch and Release product, today’s quality livewells and the efforts of the anglers.

I will finish writing the rest of the story and post it along with pictures within the next couple of days. There are lots of stories that need to be told and I will do my best to expose I mean tell them the I best I can.

Thanks to the following people for helping with weigh in. Brian Day weigh master, Spencer and Tammy Jensen on the BBQ, Billy Jo Williams helping at the scales, also at the scales Clay and Kaylee Baxley and my favorite person, doing stats Marla Barron. Also a big thank you to the sponsors of this event and supporters throughout the season. With their help we were able to give away thousands of dollars worth of product. Thanks to Rick and Cindy Grover at Anglers Marine, Nick and Anne at The Trolling Motor Doctor, Gary Dobyns at Dobyns Rods, Mike Brakebill at Robo Worms, Ray Moughalian at Revenge Baits, Maxima Fishing Line, Sieg Taylor at No Seat Mist, Catch and Release, Kick’n Bass Fish Scent, RW Berry Lucas Oil, Integrity Metals, Joor Bros, 5 Star Gas & Gear, Primary Steel.

Once again we will be taking sign ups at Anglers Marine during the Bass-A-Thon in November. Our participants this year will have the first chance to sign up and then we will take open registration. Next season is already being planned and I look forward to a bigger and better season. This year The Top Stick Tour, including the championship, paid out over $81,000. With an average of 26 boats per event I think you can do the math as to what the payouts look like. I hope to see many more of you next season at the Top Stick Tour events.

John Barron
The Top Stick Tour