Adding HDS 12 to BOW With HDS(

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Adding HDS 12 to BOW With HDS(

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So I dropped the dough for a BBT set up and a new HDS 12 from Russell Marine. (the 1/2 price one) The plan is to run the 12 on active target only and the 9 on everything else. The questions are; Do I need another NEMA 2000 cable and T connector? Will I have to snake a power line all the way to the battery?
OH yeah, if anybody has any tips on how to install both the 9 and 12, theyll be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Adding HDS 12 to BOW With HDS(

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So is your 9 also an HDS Live? If so, connect the two units with Ethernet cable. This will allow you to share the AT and weigh points, among other things between the units. Since you have a 12 for the AT, there is plenty of room to split the screen when necessary at times to view GPS or maybe Down scan. You are already using Ethernet for the AT, one more cable is all you need to open up any more options.

What are you using the NMEA for, a Ghost?

Your need for a power line to the battery depends upon how your boat is wired. Are the terminal strips front and rear that are connected to the battery and are they good solid connections with heavy enough wire? I consider 14 gauge the minimum for that long run.
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