Answers to the most frequently asked UFC3 questions

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Answers to the most frequently asked UFC3 questions

Postby AnglersPress » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:37 pm

Some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this weekend's UFC3 event:

Click on the link below in your browser to see last year's exciting action! ... 366272332/

* Q: How many teams are expected to participate?

A: Last year, nearly 200 teams participated and we are expecting more this year.

* Q: Will frog baits be available to buy at the event?

A: Yes, alot of the frog baits on the market will be available throughout the event beginning Friday, July 28th, courtesy of Dan's Delta Outdoors - who will also be on site Sat at Russo’s from 7am thru the weigh-in on Saturday, and 6am thru the weigh-in on Sunday.

*Q: What are the bait restrictions for this event?

The uniqueness of this frog event is that you get to use ANY BRAND OF TOPWATER Frog YOU CHOOSE. ALL top water frog baits must be soft plastic, hollow-belly, and float on their own. Trimming lthe legs, coloring, and MINOR changes such as putting “dots” on the belly, is allowed. No weights, leaders, or adding blades/props that did not come with the frog - as designed is allowed.

And YES… SnagProof's Bobby’s Perfect Buzz Frog is allowed - because it comes that way out of the package!

* Q: When does registration and blast off start?

A: Registration is from 7-11am at Russo’s where there will be a lot of vendors with displays and demos of new product, and the blast off will commence promptly at 11am (day one), 6am (day two).

* Q: What’s is the format, and what is the entry fee for Pro and Am division?

A: This is a TEAM format, where you register as either a Pro Team, or and Am team. The entry fee is a low cost $200 for the Pro side, and $100 for the Am side.

*Q: Is there a mandatory insurance fee?

A: No as the event only cost appx $50 to insure, it is not necessary to pass that expense on to the anglers.

* Q: Are there options? …and how do they work?

A: The confusion and controversy that comes with multiple option pools has been virtually eliminated in this event as there will be only ONE option available – the Big Fish Option, which is paid back at 100% to the 3 overall big fish of the event.

* Q: What’s the payback?

A: This event features an easy-to-calculate, and PURE 80% payback at a 1 in 5 ratio.

* Q: Why is the payback not 100%?

A: It takes quite a bit of staff to make an event of this size run in a smooth and organized manner, and each person on the Angler's Press Outdoors staff is PAID for their contribution and hours worked. The entry fee "hold back" helps offset some of these tournament expenses.

* Q: Are there bonus prizes or contingency money to win?

A: Yes! Currently, there are EXTRA cash & prize bonuses to win - with more to be announced as the event draws near, including:

* Ram "Out of the Money" Trickle Down Cash
* $1,250 in River2Sea Cash Bounty
* Gone Fishin Marine Hall of Fame cash
* Top This - Big Fish Target bonuses

* Q: Is there a youth division?

A: Not a separate youth division, but the highest youth finisher (15 and under) will receive a special award – along with Ram Trucks “Guts and Glory scholarship cash!

*Q: Do we have to empty the boat of all baits but frogs baits?

A: No you do not. As with all Angler's Press events, the "honor system" is firmly in place. However, PLEASE BE ADVISED, that ANYONE caught cheating by violating the bait rules will be disqualified from the event, and banned from fishing future Angler's Press Outdoors events, and will be subject to all punishments and penalties as prescribed by law.

* Q: Will there be media coverage of the event?

A: Yes, there will be daily standing updates and photos via Facebook and the Angler’s Press Outdoors website.

* Q: Will there be food available at the event?

A: Yes!.. A BBQ lunch will be available for purchase on Sunday.

If you have any further questions regarding this exciting event please do not hesitate to call the Angler’s Press Outdoors offices – ANYTIME at 916-768-0938.

See you there...

...And may the the BEST frog win! ... 968300269/

Angler’s Press Outdoors

For more information on the event and to sign up please visit: or call 916-768-0938

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