Cast for Kids Fishing Event Folsom and Delta | April and June

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Cast for Kids Fishing Event Folsom and Delta | April and June

Postby WB Staff » Wed Mar 14, 2018 4:31 am

BBT is proud of our continued support of CAST for Kids Foundation Events all over the State of California. There are 2 events coming up in the next couple months. CAST for Kids Lake Folsom will be on April 29th and the Brannan Island Event will be June 3rd. If you haven't been to one of these events you don't know what you are missing. Being able to share the love of our sport and give these kids a memory that lasts a lifetime is a true blessing. If you any questions about these events please contact Renza Badilla about the Delta Event or Brent Pierce about the Folsom Event. Looking forward to seeing you at one of these great events!!

Leave your troubles on the shore, and come enjoy a day of fishing on the magnificent California Delta, home of the BIG BASS FACTORY.

Registration opens March 12, 2018.
Visit this link.

Registration for boaters, shore volunteers and child participants is required.
Renza Badilla. 805-888-7194
Nicholas Schofield

Our generous sponsors and fishermen have covered your costs. There is no charge to you or your family.
If you plan to cross the Antioch bridge we will reimburse your bridge toll.
All boater volunteers do not have to pay to launch. Thank you to American Land and Leisure for supporting our event and our families.

If you plan to camp, we have sponsors who have offered to cover your camping sites for Fri and Sat nights. All cars trucks trailers and families entering for Cast for Kids DO NOT pay any entry or launch fee. Please use your exclusive and individual registration # issued to you for free entrance into the park.

What do we do?
Our event celebrates special needs children and their families, with children ages 6-21. *While we encourage the age bracket, we don’t turn away children because they are over 21. Sometimes special needs children are a forever child. Please don’t let our age range dismiss how important your forever child is to our event. You are wanted and we can’t wait to meet you. Come to the event that offers your family inclusion and laughter through fishing and friendship.

Save your bridge receipt for this event and we will reimburse you. You do not have to pay to enter the Brannan Island State Park. Please identify that you are with our Cast for Kids Event. Password is: “Don’t Miss The Boat”. Or use tour exclusive registration #.

What happens at our Cast for Kids event?

Boaters volunteers arrive between 6:30am-7:00am
Boaters safety talk happens at 7:15am
Children participants arrive at 8:00am
Children are issued their registration packet, fishing equipment and fitted for a life jacket for them and their parent. Then the children are personally escorted out to their fishing boater captain and fishing coach. Then we will load you onto your boat. #FishingWithoutLimits. Regardless of your child’s physical or developmental limits, we get everyone on a boat and on fish.

There is a photographer that will take your photo, and then you’re off for a fun filled half day of fishing on the best built boats, driven by the greatest fishermen.
Don’t be surprised if you’re fisherman is a girl! Our guys and gals are ready to show you the magnificent California Delta.

Fishing time is from 8:30am-12:30pm
These guys and gals know just what to use to put these children on a memorable catch of a lifetime! You’ll cruise over crystal blue and teal water. You’ll learn about sea lions, otters, minks and various “fish-birds”. You’ll see how, just one fish can change a life forever!. Everyone can be successful at fishing. The fun, laughter and smiles are instant, once you set sail with a new friend in search of big fish!

NewJen Bass Tournaments join our event and will coordinate all tournament day fishing and weigh-scale activities. We can’t wait to see your fish and hear your stories.

BBQ lunch-Awards-Fishing Stories 12:noon-2:30pm
After fishing, you’ll return to a big group of eager spectators and family members who are so excited to hear how your day went, and come see the fish you caught. Walk the red carpet of CHAMPIONS. Then we will take more photos of you and your new friends. We’ll serve a hot lunch that is yummy and delicious.

Grab a soda or water and share your day with your new friend. Did you see the photo booth from #TailspinPartyProductions. Did you get a custom fish decorated cookie from #CrowsCustomCookies. Then get ready for the best awards program. Walk the red carpet, up to the microphone and tell your story with your boat captain, as you each receive a photo plaque award, custom made for our event.

Your day happens because of the most generous people who want to share their passion for fishing with you. These fishermen, tackle store owners and General Managers have put you at the top of their list. Come meet these incredible people.

You are wanted and welcomed. Your family will feel right at home with our family. Every child is worth celebrating. Thank you for placing your trust with us and joining our event, Sunday June 3, 2018 at Brannan State Rec Area.
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