Clear Lake Report 3/3/20

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Clear Lake Report 3/3/20

Postby On The Water Guide Service » Tue Mar 03, 2020 8:00 pm

clear lake lowrance graph.jpg

What happened to winter? That's the question we are all asking ourselves as unusually dry and warm weather seems to be the dominant pattern for the whole month of February up here in Northern California. It seems as if spring is determined to come a little early this year. As a matter of fact. At this exact same time last year, the lake was in the flood zone and most public boat ramps were closed. I remember launching at the Casino and my boat floating off the trailer way before reaching the top of the ramp. This year however high pressure has been sitting on top of us like a huge dome and it has made all the incoming storms miss us to the north and to the south. I'm definitely not complaining though. The nice weather has lead to some great fishing on the lake and has contributed to the local economy with folks coming up to fish and enjoy the warm days on the water. Unfortunately we are in need of some more rain though. With the exception of Rodman Slough, most of the feeder creeks in the north end have slowed to a trickle and we need them flowing good so the Hitch can make their spawning runs.

The water temps have been steadily rising with a spread between the low to mid 50's and I have seen them as high as 57 in the afternoons. Water clarity varies depending where you are at on the lake but for the most part it is getting very clear with the lack of rain. Some areas have become almost too clear in my opinion and that has put a damper on my A-rig bite I had going. Both sides of the lake are fishing well and the reaction bite seems better in areas where you find baitfish near by. I have been doing good on a single swimbait and a swimbait with an underspin on it. Also a Lucky Craft or Megabass suspending jerkbait has been good with the clearer water. Some of the bigger fish being caught have been on the LV500 and some on Glide baits. Some of the schools of fish I am finding offshore are real close to the bottom (like you see in my graph pic at the top) and they seem to be more like crawdad feeders. They don't seem to want to chase the reaction baits but rather would prefer a slow bottom lure like a jig or shakey head. There are lots of small buck bass up in the shallows especially in the late afternoon around sunset. The better size fish still seem to be in a holding pattern offshore in my opinion.

The Crappie action is starting up but mainly in the south end of the lake around deep docks and main lake points. I think the north end Crappie bite should get going with a couple good rain storms which we are bound to get sooner or later. Let's hope the rain comes and the lake gets full. Everybody do a rain dance. I hope you guys enjoy my little fishing reports. I'm sure there are numerous grammatical errors and run-on sentences and such. LOL Hope it helps a little.

Good fishing and we will see you on the water,


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Re: Clear Lake Report 3/3/20

Postby scooterb » Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:10 pm

Thanks for the report. I planned a weekend for April and I like to follow reports up till the time we get there.

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Re: Clear Lake Report 3/3/20

Postby birdman920 » Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:09 pm

Looks like a little rain in the forecast’ next week ! need all we can get !...

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