So Close to Bedding

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So Close to Bedding

Postby ttb31183 » Fri May 11, 2018 3:42 pm

I made it out to a small local lake the other day and found the bass to be very close to spawning. The typical pairs of fish swimming together and I even caught some in the act. It should be lights out for those fishing in the next few days.

I was mainly after big ones so I passed by many two and three pounders in search of a giant. I was moving along the bank and this one stopped me in my tracks. My estimate is 5-6 pounds because it was so thick. I had just caught a three pounder and this one was following it and then took off, but I found her not long after in the same area. Compared to the three pounder in the water she was on another level so might have been bigger. The cell phone picture through the water didn't do her justice.


I'm headed back for her Sunday so hopefully, I can sneak up on her. I also spent a good amount of time working on my glide bait skills and had a nice one follow it and then smack it but then quickly retreated. I know where she lives too.

Like usual, I was mapping as I fished and got back into a backwater that had zero mapping, It should be updated by the time I go back out.

Tyler Brinks

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