Fishing Clear Lake This Week Oct 13

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Fishing Clear Lake This Week Oct 13

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Fishing Clear Lake This Week Oct 15

So.. i’m going to start this fishing report off a little different than what I usually do.

First of all its different because its from Clear Lake and I usually write Camanche reports but then I took that day trip to Clear Lake a couple weeks ago and well I guess I caught the Clear Lake bug, so here is another from there.

Next I have to share that Wednesday the 16th is me and my wife’s 37th wedding anniversary. We decided to go to Clear Lake last weekend to celebrate. I married the right one.

When we hit the water Saturday morning the surface temperature was 65 degrees. We started fishing in the lower part of the lake with dropshots and Carolina rig’s but eventually switched to jigs.  We concentrated on points and breaks.

I have to say this weekend was probably one of my best weekends on Clear Lake ever and my wife caught her personal best a 5.8 lb largemouth and I got two fish in the 8 pound class.

I hope this helps good luck fishing
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