Fishing CA Delta August 6

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Fishing CA Delta August 6

Postby AKBASSFISHING » Mon Aug 06, 2018 7:34 pm

California Delta 8/6/2018
Water Temp 74 - 75
Visibility 1 – 4 feet
Wind 9 - 17 mph

We got in around 6 in the morning. The tide was outgoing and was due to bottom around 9. The wind was blowing steadily out of the west.

We made a quick run to an isolated tule island. I opted for a plopper and my father went with the chatterbait. Almost immediately, my father boated the first fish, a solid two and a half pounder. We continued down the island with mixed results.

Hoping to find some good fish, we made a run offshore. The wind was howling, the tide was ripping, and it made for rather interesting conditions. Bouncing about, we fired our crankbaits across the flats. BAM we doubled up, but these fish were too hot to be bass. Sure enough, I saw the telltale white flash. We both hooked into decent sized stripers. That said, as soon as we found them, they vanished.

After our brief scuffle with the stripers, we made another quick run for more protected water, to fish frogs and spinnerbaits. I fished the frog while my father loaded the boat with fish. After numerous blow-ups, missed fish, and a perfect frog sized welt on my side, I put the frog down and switched to a buzzbait. The fish seemed to like this change, but nothing over a pound.

By late morning, the tide had switched and wind had subsided, we went back to fishing the offshore weed flats. The fish were plentiful, but couldn’t get anything over two-pounds. With conditions being so calm and the water clearing, I feel the larger fish went into a more negative feeding mood. Making a slight adjustment, we switched to Senkos’ paired with Tsuyoi Weedless Wacky Hooks. Targeting the holes and irregularities in the weeds, we finally found some better fish. We followed this pattern until mid-afternoon with great success. The two and three-pound class range of fish were feeding.

By 3 in the afternoon, we called it a day. Not the most spectacular day, but we managed to grind out a couple decent fish.


Nothing new, the cranks and senko still seem to be my best bet at catching fish.

It’s August! The stripers are starting to run, which makes for a fun day of fishing. It’s still early in the month, but we should start to see more in the coming weeks.
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Re: Fishing CA Delta August 6

Postby Bpettus2 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 5:58 am

Always nice getting out with your dad cherish those memories .

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Re: Fishing CA Delta August 6

Postby monte300 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:24 am

Bpettus2 wrote:Always nice getting out with your dad cherish those memories .

Yep, dads, kids, brothers.......

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