Fishing CA Delta July 3

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Fishing CA Delta July 3

Postby AKBASSFISHING » Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:36 pm

California Delta 7/3/2018
Water Temp 71 - 74
Visibility 1 – 3 feet
Wind 9 - 15 mph

Got to the launch ramp at around 6:30 this morning. When we left the house, it was flat calm, but as soon as we hit the water, the wind showed up.

On our first stop, a strong western wind blew. With conditions being less than ideal for the Senko, I opted for my trusty chatterbait. On the second cast, I hooked a healthy post spawn fatty. You could tell she was feeding by her extended belly and worn fins. Continuing down the bank, my father and I boated a few more good fish on the chatterbait and spinnerbait. With the wind getting stronger, we looked for more sheltered water.

Switching between rip-rap, tullies, and flats, we fished the remainder of the morning with some success. Nothing spectacular, and lots of one and two-pound fish. Crankbaits on the rocks, Senko’s in the tullies, and punching in the mats. They all produced, but not the quality we were looking for.

With a decent limit,we stopped at an area that had produced some good fish in the past. On my third cast, my crankbait totally stopped. I set hook, but instead of heading directly at me as most of the fish earlier, this one pulled back. I knew she was a better fish. After a short fight, my father netted her; a good five-pound fish. We continued to fish the area, but had nothing to add to our limit.

By late morning, we were still looking to cull. We made a stop on a wind-blown flat. My father suggested I use the plopper. Almost instantly, I had a taker. Not big, but it was a good sign. About 20 yards down, another taker, and another. Then a three pounder thumped on the deck. The fish were chewing. My father on the other hand, stuck to his trusty Senko with the Tsuyoi Weedless Wacky Hook. Pitching to the outside of the weeds, he also started to get some good fish. It was perfect, I fished the inside, while he fished the outside. We followed this pattern into the afternoon with great success.

By 3 in the afternoon, the jet skiers and mega yachts were out in droves. We called it a day. Overall, a pretty good day with about 15lbs for our best 5.


Current is key! Most fish have finally moved into there post-spawn patterns. They are tired from spawning, and want an easy meal. Current acts as there food delivery service.

Covered a lot of water today.
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