Fishing Oroville Lake 01/30/2018

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Tom Gronwall
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Fishing Oroville Lake 01/30/2018

Postby Tom Gronwall » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:03 am

Finally, enough water in the lake for me to launch at Lime Saddle at 6:50 am, long 22 minute drive, Vrs. 1 hours to Bidwell. Nice morning, slightly cool, and the fish seemed to be willing to bite. Fished just the Lime Saddle marina area and picked up 11 fish, most basic 13" variety, but one was 14". Fish were deep mostly. About half 25-35 foot range, the other half 40-50 foot range. Interesting, deeper fish were on the pale side for color, not all, but most. Slow bait movement, soft bites. I would have fished longer,. but forgot the the boat clock is an hour fast, set for summertime fishing!!!Pulled the boat out at 10 am! Would have fished another hour had I remembered. First picture is the best fish, right at 14", second picture my first fish for the year. Water cool, 49 degree range, so makes for slow fishing. Spent a lot of time with my new hook 12 fish finder, what a change compared to the old one. Love the big screen and auto features. Should be fishing every week now that Lime Saddle is open!!

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