Fishing Report Camanche Trifecta and a 12 Plus

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Fishing Report Camanche Trifecta and a 12 Plus

Postby StanL » Thu Aug 26, 2021 12:12 am

Trifecta at Camanche

I finally got a chance to get out on Lake Camanche with my buddies Derik Dalton and Casey Cabral from team Jackson Rancheria. I haven’t been out for a while, but the last time I was out a few weeks ago I caught a 12.12. It was my biggest fish at Camanche so far. There is a picture of that below. That fish came on an island top in 20 feet of water with a dropshot.

Today we started throwing reaction baits first thing in the morning. Derik caught the first fish, A SMALLMOUTH, on a Bass Union double buzzbait! First smallmouth I’ve seen in a few years!

I caught a few spots on a popper, and Casey started getting a few on a Ned Bait Big TRD on A Frenzy Baits Nail.

After the first few hours fishing became very challenging, but we did end up with a trifecta; a smallmouth,a spot, and a largemouth!

It seems like fishing is better the first few hours in the morning, after that we got one here and there, but no good pattern.

The surface water temperature was 76°.

The water clarity was about 8 feet in most areas.

The South Shore ramp is a little rough, but not as long as a walk as the North Shore ramp.

Remember the lake is very low and there’s still a few obstructions that are not marked. Be careful!

And a big shout out to my good buddy Earl Dalton for making the APEX!!

I Hope this helps!
Good luck fishing!

camanche double digit.jpg
PB from Camanche 12.12

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Re: Fishing Report Camanche Trifecta and a 12 Plus

Postby Topwater All Day » Thu Aug 26, 2021 6:46 am

Nice fish Stan! The head on that thing is huge!!!
Rob Ridge
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Great photo!!

Postby Larry Hemphill » Sat Aug 28, 2021 11:34 pm

Congrats on a GREAT photo of a GREAT bass from Camanche!!

I used to fish that lake a lot when I still lived in San Jose. Never caught one that big there,
but that was when the lake was very young. 12's didn't exist then!

I was fortunate to fish the lake before it was open to the public. No monster bass then however.
Fished it with Troy Brawley, the manager of the southern rec area and maker of one of the first well-known
jigs - the BRAWLEY BUG! Did fish the overflow Rabbit Creek lake, er, pond. Big bass!

Once again - perfect photo. Good lighting, not too much scenery, just you and your prize!!

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Re: Fishing Report Camanche Trifecta and a 12 Plus

Postby StanL » Mon Aug 30, 2021 8:22 am

Thanks Larry I appreciate that . here is a picture of me and my buddy Jerry winning a tournament in the late 80s that is Troy in blue behind us. I do remember the. “ Brawley bass bug “ and “Cato Little bits” and Dave Romano hair jigs “ . now we are showing our a age . lol Thanks for the reply

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