Headed North

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Headed North

Postby ttb31183 » Thu May 14, 2020 3:40 pm

Since fishing re-opened in Washington, I've been making the rounds with my new boat trying to hit as many lakes as I can to find the right bite. In just two weeks I've already launched the boat in seven different waters. Most are fairly small and I did hit two in the same day, but it goes to show just how many lakes are within an hour of my house. There are plenty more I'm looking into for my next few trips.

The other day, my buddy and I headed north to Loon Lake outside of Spokane. It's a deep, clear lake with both largemouth and smallmouth so we went there trying to get a mixed bag. There are also no pike or tiger muskie there so I felt safer throwing some expensive swimbaits around.

I never did get a bite on the big bait, but plucked quite a few with a wacky and Neko Rigged Berkley The General. It was pretty random as some were on docks in a foot of water and some at the ends in 15 or 20-feet.


The clear water produced a bunch of really healthy looking northern largemouth. Their lines were very distinct and looked like they've never been caught. Pretty cool when they all look so good.


We did try for smallmouth and caught a few small ones before switching back to the shallower stuff. The lake is really deep in most places and has kokanee and lake trout, but the shallower sections of the lake like shown here on my Navionics app really hold most of the vegetation and good bass area.


After hitting seven lakes, I am aiming for 10 by next week. Hopefully I'll stumble into a giant but the fishing has been pretty awesome here lately everywhere I have been.
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