Jigs and ChatterBaits with McClelland and B.Hite

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Jigs and ChatterBaits with McClelland and B.Hite

Postby WB Staff » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:52 pm

If you miss the live show on air, you can listen here http://www.westernbass.com/radio/ub

This week on the Ultimate Bass Radio Show on Sports 1140 KHTK AM Saturday at 5am or archived and live streamed at http://www.ultimatebassradio.com or a free podcast on iTunes.

It is football season! No not the Friday Night Lights kind we are talking football head jig season and when the leaves start turning and fall is on the way you need to grab your jig rod and nobody is better than Bassmaster Elite Pro Mike McClelland so we tracked him down to talk jig fishing. Rods, line, colors, head weight and trailers he will have all the info to make you better with a jig.

We ran out of time last week so we pushed our interview with WON Bass US Open runner-up Brett Hite to this weekend. Bhite tells us all how he caught them at Lake Mead and as usual there was a Jackhammer Chatterbait involved!

Next week the FLW Costa Championship invades Kentucky Lake and there are several of our pro and co anglers making the trek to try to get one of the spots locked down for the Forrest Wood Cup. Our favorite tournament director Ron Lappin joins us live to tell us where we can find all the live coverage this week and how you can get signed up in the upcoming weeks for next year’s Costa Western Series with events at Havasu, Clear Lake and the Delta.

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