A likely "photo finish" in FPT AOY race

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A likely "photo finish" in FPT AOY race

Postby AnglersPress » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:18 pm


Lake Oroville will also be ground zero for the two teams currently in a virtual “neck-and-neck” race for the coveted FPT Coors Light “Silver Bullet” Angler of Year title, and given the level of talent both teams possess, it looks to be a race much too close to call.

Tyson Rapplye and Mike Caddick, virtual newcomers to the tour, sit only a single point behind veteran angler Tom Peirson and teammate Conner Urling - his 13-year old grandson who has been his team partner since the age of 6. “I have a ton of confidence on Lake Oroville, and clear, deep-water fall fishing is what I live for”, Tom remarked in confident tones. All I have to say is that Tyson and Mike had better bring their “A” games to this event as Conner and I will be prepared”.

Tom sits in the enviable position of being able to accomplish a bass fishing "triple crown” of sorts, in that he won this year’s Bass Pro Shop Open event on Folsom Lake with his son Shane, took a first place FPT delta victory with his grandson Conner, and now stands just one event away from capturing with his grandson, the coveted FPT Coors Light “Silver Bullet” Angler of the Year title.

Stay tuned...we will all know what's up this Saturday!!


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