Mah and Cuccia: "How to catch big delta bass - in the heat"

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Mah and Cuccia: "How to catch big delta bass - in the heat"

Postby AnglersPress » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:24 pm


If you are fishing the 7th annual The Yamamoto BIG BASS Challenge on June 24-25th, or simply want to gain a TON of information about one of the most effective lines of baits ever produced, then you don’t want to miss out on two dynamic seminars hosted this Wednesday at Gun's Fishing and Other Stuff - Vacaville, and this Thursday at Fisherman’s Warehouse in Sacramento.

Delta gurus Andy “Cooch” Cuccia, and Elk Grove Ram pro Ken Mah will talk about Yamamoto's wide variety of baits and how you can use them to make big cash at this weekend's Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge event.

What you can expect to learn from these seminars:

· How to rig a Senko for MAXIMIUM effectiveness
· Yamamoto’s single tail, split tail, and Hula grubs – where, which, and when to use
- Line choices for Yamamoto baits: Mono, Fluorocarbon, or Braid – Does it really matter?
· Rod choices: The importance of quality components and proper balance
· Hooks: The right hook for the right bait
· Color: Important or obsession?
· Tournament strategies: Creating a plan to stay focused


• The first 20 attendees will receive a pack Yamamoto baits (from Andy’s “private reserve”)
• There will be a raffle for a bundle of Ken's “Top Picks” - baits he would use in this competition
• PLUS…there will be a raffle for a free 1-day entry into the event!

Again....these dynamic seminars begin promptly at 6pm, this Wed and Thursday at Guns, Fishing and other stuff in Vacaville, and Fisherman's Warehouse in Sacramento respectively.

See you there!

Angler’s Press

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