New 2014 Shimano Reels

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New 2014 Shimano Reels

Postby bantam1 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:57 am

New 2014 Shimano Reels

Beastmaster 9000


Introducing the Beastmaster 9000! This is the latest electronic powered reel from Shimano. With 55 pounds of drag and 250 pounds of cranking torque, this is the most powerful and durable electric reel we have offered.


The new Giga Max brushless motor offers high speed and high torque (26% increase over previous models) with increased durability. Paired with a new bearing supported planetary gear set and new stainless steel sun gear, it offers 3 times the durability.

Featuring a new Thermo Adjust Drag that reduces heat by 50%! As with all electronics heat is the enemy. The Giga Max motor stops operating when the drag slips. This will help reduce heat and eliminate the motor from working when it doesn’t need to. The vented side plate also helps to dissipate heat that is generated from the motor. All of this has been done to boost the longevity of the electric motor. Even the power cable has 20% less resistance.

Vented side plate
The multi disc Cross Carbon drag stack and main gear.

Calcutta Conquest



The new Calcutta Conquest brings a new level of smoothness to the round reel market. With the addition of Micro Module gearing, X-Ship and a new Low Friction Handle Rotation Design smooth has to be experienced to appreciate it. This is the smoothest reel I have ever felt.

We have also added the S3D spool and SVS Infinity to the S-Compact body design. This new body design reduces the B side (palm side) to a much smaller size. The 100 is now the size of a 50, and the 200 the size of a 100.
The new torque limiting levelwind uses a special clutch to prevent injury to the angler should their finger get trapped. In the past you would need to break the plastic idle gears should this situation occur. Now the clutch will slip and allow you to escape uninjured. I know this is not a common occurrence, but it does happen more than most people realize.


Aero Technium

The premier surf spinning reel from Shimano!


Packed with features the new Aero Technium will provide surf anglers with performance that matches their demands.

Aero Wrap II with Super Slow 10 Oscillation provides a flat line lay on the spool. This is paired with a large diameter long stroke spool. The large diameter shallow spools allow the angler to caster further due to more line leaving the spool per rotation. The Propulsion spool design further reduces spool lip friction. Long Stroke spools improve efficiency and casting distance by reducing line direction changes. The Super Slow 10 Oscillation makes approximately 100 wraps in one stroke of the oscillation. The line is managed by our One Piece bail wire.

Combine this with a new Cold Forged drive gear and X-Ship housed in a new Power Aluminum (Power AL) frame for the best combination of power and durability.

The new Instant Drag feature makes use of a few turns to go from free spool to the “Fight” setting. Of course the drag system is also waterproof. What good is a surf reel is the drag isn’t waterproof?

Ultegra CI4+ XSB

CI4+ material offers a large weight savings over other materials. We chose this material to pair up with the compact body of the Ultegra. This reduced weight improves rod speeds and assists with making longer casts.
The new 2 Speed Super Slow 5 Oscillation provides a flatter line lay on the Propulsion Spool (AR-C spool). While not quite as slow as the Aero Technium, it is drastically slower than most spinning reels at 50 wraps per oscillation stroke. It features the same style large diameter shallow spool as the Aero Technium.
Cold Forged Gearing
Aero Wrap II- Super Slow 5 Oscillation
Instant Drag
Waterproof Drag


The Aluminum bodied version of the Ultegra Ci4+ XSB. It features X-Ship, Aero Wrap II- Super Slow 5 Oscillation and Instant Drag.


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