NMEA Starter Kit or ethernet cable only

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NMEA Starter Kit or ethernet cable only

Postby Gator » Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:18 am

Ken - just got my second HDS-5 and want to network the two together. Do I need the NMEA or just the ethernet?? I am only hooking the two together to share waypoints.

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Re: NMEA Starter Kit or ethernet cable only

Postby ACRon » Sat Sep 17, 2011 7:30 am

I am sure Ken will be along soon. But, I have been doing some research since I am getting two HDS installed this week. You only need the ethernet. The NMEA is only needed if you are using outside devices like sensors or External GPS antenna.

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Re: NMEA Starter Kit or ethernet cable only

Postby Ken Sauret » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:56 pm

Sorry for the delay in my response, I was at Clear Lake over the weekend. For Waypoint sharing you can do this just fine with the ethernet network.
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