Optima Blue Top Battery Warranty: Optima comes through

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Optima Blue Top Battery Warranty: Optima comes through

Postby reellittlephish » Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:53 pm

I've owned maybe 5 Blue Top Optimas. First in a 12 ft boat and later as the starting motor battery in the first and second Skeeters. Optimas have always been solid and reliable.

This fall, my Optima starting battery was on it's last legs and I bought a replacement Optima DM31 in Virgina, hooked it up, went fishing. Then I drove back to home: Las Vegas, NV. The bug sat on the trailer, plugged into the onboard charger while I did the first major maintenance and service it's had in 2 years. Finally I got to a fuel pressure problem and took it to the Marine Service of Las Vegas. It sat 4 days uncharged and when I got it back the mechanic mentioned the Optima was drained to 10.7v.

So I started looking. Eliminated all the circuits, isolated the battery and yep it was losing voltage. Tried a different charger. Tried a couple tricks to recover a deeply discharged battery. Optima is still draining.

And then I find no auto parts shop in Vegas will warranty the Optima since they didn't sell it.

I got online with Optima customer service. At first they were skeptical; that's understandable. But once I had it tested and it showed a bad battery Optima customer service got me a replacement within 4 days and over the weekend, exceeding expectations.


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