Penn slammer 300 + entire fishing gear set

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Penn slammer 300 + entire fishing gear set

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Fishing-individual sale of items or entire lot.

My dad was an avid trout/ocean fisher. It was his favorite thing to do in the entire world. Unfortunately he has passed and I am left with items. I am looking to re home his fishing collection to a fellow fisherman who can get some use out of them. Included in this haul-
-Penn slammer 3 reel + 7’ all star graphite rod. (Est. $550)
-6’ JBL paralyzer pole spear
-spear gun
-200 + trout lures ($3-$18)
-Nomad dxt 200 12mm lures ($36) X 7 per bag
-20 + squid lures
-fish pliers
-all boxes/bag are included

It’s a great set for pros and novice alike, and the main thing is I’d like it to go to a good home. I’d like to sell entire thing for $1500 but totally willing to negotiate price. Let me know if you’re interested in entire set or if you’d like to buy individual items
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Re: Penn slammer 300 + entire fishing gear set

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