Stripers around the Tract!

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Stripers around the Tract!

Postby Cooch » Wed Jul 18, 2007 9:53 pm

We stuck two really nice stripers yesterday on brown jigs in the openings of Franks, went about 9 pounds each. Watched the lil Asian dude on Monday, the ne with the 16' bamboo pole with one roller guide at the tip, snatch two on gills in the same area.

Today, caught 11 this morning tossing jerkbaits in Dutch and Sandmound off the points! Never seen a summer run like this, but they is starting ta pick on the shad schools right now! Hang on if'n something knocks the bajeebers outa yer crankbaits or jigs!

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Re: Stripers around the Tract!

Postby Jason C. » Sat Jul 21, 2007 12:12 am

Im with ya cooch! Today I caught 2 Really nice stripers fishinf the Wall. I was throwing a Double Wide beaver with a 1oz tungsten weight and 65lb Power Pro. The first one hit it like a sledge hammer and the second one I was reeling it in and it hit it. First one would have gone about 7-9lbs and the second one would have gone about 10-12lbs!!! No large mouth today though! Been a REALLY odd bite out there for me lately!
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