I am now a "banana" believer!!!!

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Auggie Dog
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I am now a "banana" believer!!!!

Postby Auggie Dog » Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:10 pm

Yep! I learned my lesson and now I feel the need to pass this on to those non-believers out there in the hopes I can spare you the "curse of the banana" someday.

It all started when the 175 Evinrude on the Skeeter I bought in August lost a powerhead 10 minutes after blast-off of our night tournament on the second day I had it on the lake (no banana that day...just normal Auggie Dog luck) :shock: . It turned out the block was no good (more Auggie Dog luck) :cry: so I sent away to Florida for a rebuilt powerhead to replace it and I just got my boat back last week. I did the break-in just as ordered (wow was THAT boring!!!) and was ready to fish our club tournament this last Saturday with my son Casey. I could hardly wait to see what it would do.
We all met at the Clearlake Oaks ramp for blast-off and since I was first out, I had a good spot picked out on the backside of Rattlesnake Island so I knew I would get to fish it first. But I would now have to wait to "open er' up" until I was ready to move to my second spot down by Konocti Resort, but I was willing to wait.

We caught our first fish right away and that's when it started. I open my tackle hatch to get a box out and there it was......a big yellow banana, just sitting there on top of all of my tackle!!! :shock: I didn't know what to do...do I touch it?....do I eat it?...do I throw it as far as I can? I knew I was at a crossroads but I couldn't pull the trigger on ANYTHING so I just set it on deck and figured I would deal with it later since I already caught a fish so it couldn't be all bad...eh? SOMEONE SHOOT ME PLEASE!!!!!! :x

Well, you know how this is going to turn out. We proceeded to catch 3 more by 9:00 am and I then knew it was time to move. When I locked everything down to make the run I looked right at that damn banana sitting on my deck and thought to myself..."self...you need to get rid of that frickin" banana before someone sees it and give you a platefull of grief" But I didn't want to just throw it in the lake and I didn't want to eat it yet so I just left it sitting there like the short kid at a schoolground basketball game. :roll: I know...."stupid is as stupid does"!!!! :evil:

Well, I took off and headed for the narrows. I open up the motor for a minute to see what I had and man was that fun. I then brought it down to about 5000 rpm and we were just crusin' along at high speed, thinking about all of the fishing I could do now that I finally had a boat that would go faster than Kurt's "toon" and it happened.....the motor sputtered, spit and died...all in about 10 seconds! After I dried off from the tidal wave that came over the stearn from stopping dead, I thought to myself that no way my luck is that bad!!! :shock: It couldn't have blown up again!!!! NO WAY!!!
And just at that moment, I looked down and saw that little yellow piece of fruit sitting there and I swear it had a smile right under the damn Chiquita sticker!!! I knew then I should have listened to all of the wise old fisherman of bass that you NEVER EVER have a banana in you boat!!! :cry:

P.S. It turns out it looks like an electrical problem and not the new powerhead so I guess that could be considered good news but I am getting tired of getting towed!!!!! :x

I'm eating apples from now on!!!!! :twisted:

Auggie Dog 8)
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Re: I am now a "banana" believer!!!!

Postby TrevorGuide » Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:30 pm

haha that is what my friend bassmandan always says when i get on his boat with a banana...that he will shoot me! literally he would, he don't **** around with those bananas on his boat :wink:

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Re: I am now a "banana" believer!!!!

Postby hydrate2o » Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:38 pm

The guy I fished with on the second day at colombia ripped through his entire boat, no kidding, because they day started out slow. I asked him what the ... are you doing? He said I am looking for the @#$%$#@ banana. After he was sure there was not one he calmed down and we started catching fish.. either way.. I aint taking no damn bananas with me...:)
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Re: I am now a "banana" believer!!!!

Postby fishyd » Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:42 pm

WON bass pro am on clear lake blast off fine. Thirty minutes later I'm sick as a dog puking my guts out. One hour later my am busts out the bannana. NO GOOD!!!!!

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Re: I am now a "banana" believer!!!!

Postby Stevo » Tue Oct 16, 2007 1:59 pm

Now you know why Fruit of the Loom does not have a bananna on their labels. Bad JuJu...

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Re: I am now a "banana" believer!!!!

Postby JRock » Tue Oct 16, 2007 2:11 pm

Geez, cruising around at 500 RPM!!! What kind of prop are you running :lol: . JK, glad everything is fine with the motor, I'm afraid to even open mine up anymore.

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Re: Keep your bananna lovin arse away from my boat

Postby Dewayne » Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:06 pm


Personally, I think they should be banned from the USA. No good has ever come from having a bananna on my boat.

Glad your boat was allright, you might want to consider new carpet (or sacrificing a live chicken) if it was on the deck that long. Selling the boat also works.

PS - You got off lucky. I have had two times on Shasta under wide open conditions where we did not catch a fish as long as a bananna was on-board. In one case the bananna was thrown onto shore and we doubled on the very next cast, this was after 3 hours without a bite. We then caught 10 more fish in the next 20 minutes. The other time my wife who had smuggled a bananna onboard, got off the boat and I caught 2 fish within 5 minutes after 1.5 hours without a bite between me and her.

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Re: Keep your bananna lovin arse away from my boat

Postby brambo0311 » Tue Oct 16, 2007 3:24 pm

The story I heard about banannas on board was once the bannanas were thrown overboard they would catch fish. It was more of a timing issue. When they would set out to sea the banannas would go bad in about 4 days. And thats about how long it took to sail to good fishing waters. But then there is always the story about snakes coming on board with the banannas. I was fishing with a guy at clear lake who had a bananna in his face and was fighting a fish at the same time. I think he pulled 32 lb that day. But I have also had a deck hand on a charter boat throw my bananna boat sunblock in the drink. Caught a nice salmon right after that. So who knows, better to be safe than sorry I guess.

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Re: Keep your bananna lovin arse away from my boat

Postby nipples » Tue Oct 16, 2007 4:52 pm

You all are a bunch of old wives....

I've never bought into that bananna brings you bad luck stuff and I have had awesome days with banannas on the boat and after eating banannas in the morning...

You all should get together and start a knitting club...


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Re: Keep your bananna lovin arse away from my boat

Postby BassManDan » Tue Oct 16, 2007 6:20 pm

Yeah I don't want no smelly bananas in my boat, even though I have had successful days with a banana in my cooler (don't teel no one!) It is really lucky if you eat reheated Frito Pie for breakfast before getting out on the water, that is the breakfast for fishing champions :D

Although I have heard of a banana story that is pretty good.
This guy I went to school with, experienced the most amazing banana story I have ever heard.

He was out of Crescent City, fishing for albacore tuna. They had been trolling for at least 3 hrs with no a single chaser. The boat captain comes upon one of the anglers eating a banana, grabs it out of his mouth and chucks it overboard, within a few seconds, they Triple-hookup with 20 lb albacores! and continue catching fish for the rest of the day! :lol:
Its a secondhand tale, but a pretty convincing one nonetheless.

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Re: Keep your bananna lovin arse away from my boat

Postby fishyd » Tue Oct 16, 2007 6:58 pm

There wasa no bananna in the boat when the lower unit scrambled on Shasta when I was with you. But that was weird it was the same spot on the lake. FYI never talk about old break downs.

ps Get'em during national bud.

Doug McKa

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Matt Moreau
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Re: Keep your bananna lovin arse away from my boat

Postby Matt Moreau » Tue Oct 16, 2007 7:09 pm


I bought into the whole bad banana mojo UNTILL i fished aclub tourney and my partner i drew had a bana on the boat all day(I didnt know this of course at the time). at about 2pm he says boy i am hungry from catching all the fish... we had a great day and were sitting pretty good.... so he proceeds toopen his lunchbox and pulls out a what??? A BANA!!! I got all frazzled and said what the h@#$ is that? He was like a banana why? I said dont you know a banana is bad luck!!! his response.......... do you feel that unlucky with this sack of fish??? i hmmmed and hahhed for awhile and accepted the fact that it was done. Nothing i could do. So we go and weighed in andwhat would you kknow we won the club tourney. Since then i dont worry about it. Actually i take them as ammo to throw at other people!!!!
"The fishing was good; it was the catching that was bad."

Matthew Moreau

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Re: Yea Doug

Postby Dewayne » Tue Oct 16, 2007 8:00 pm

But I have never driven over that point since then. People look at me weird when I drive across the lake out of that cover then head down river. That point just has bad mojo with my boats. It might be an old bananna dumping ground. :)

I plan to have a good tournament.


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