Favorite fishing memory

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Favorite fishing memory

Postby CN » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:06 pm

Mine was when I was a kid my Dad had permission to hunt some private property out of Gonzales in the Salinas Valley in the Gabilan Mountain's.The Ranch's were full of stock pond's and I was more interested in fishing than chaseing Hound dog's.

So one day he made me these lure's that looked like Wooly Bugger's that fly fisherman use,Black,but man did they work.I still remember catching 42 Bass that day going from pond to pond and still have a picture from that day.

Circa 1967............enjoy why ya can

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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby FIVEtenthz » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:20 pm

Eastman lake 13 years ago. 10 years old learning how to bass fish. My uncle gave me a black texas rigged Renegade worm and said to throw it out, let it sink, tighten your line a slowly lift my pole up all the way then lower the pole, tighten and repeat. "What does a bite feel like?" He flicked my line below the first eye. "If you think you have a bite, lower the pole and see if your line moves" An hour later, I cast in front of a bush and think I have a bite, I lower my pole and see the slack line get tighter and moving away from me. I set the hook and the rest is history!
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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby jhorn » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:34 pm

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Oh that is an easy one. Took my two-year-old son out for the first time. Set him up with a bobber and worm. I cast it out for him and had him sit down. Then I told him to watch the bobber and tell me if it went under the water. Then I hear him yelling “Daddy the bobberâ€

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Re: Well there are many

Postby MIKE TREMONT » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:54 pm

I was fishing a private pond back in Kentucky while I was in the service. I went with a friends kid and we caught and released about everything that swam in there.
I was walking cautiously up the hill to the house. The owners dog was a little weird, he'd be alright til he got nervous. Well I'm walking up the hill, about 75 yards from the water and the kid starts yelling! I can't make out what he said, but I start running down to him. Well the dam dog starts biting me, I trip and roll. Get to the bottom and the kid is pointing to the pond, and my favorite rod is gone, there's a mud line going toward the center of the pond, and it starts to where my rod was :shock: !
Open up the tackle box and about a 1 ounce spoon catches my eye. It's my only chance, so I tie it on the kids rod and huck it as far as I can. It settles to the bottom and I start slowly dragging the bottom. Getting closer I feel the resistance increase, and sure enough I got the line. I look off to my right a few yards away and the bottom is getting all stirred up. The kids trying to get the line and pull the fish in by hand, I'm yelling hold on the line will break, let's get the rod, a pure CLUSTER!
This has been way longer than I wanted it to, sorry :D .
Got the rod and a 16lb channel cat. Good eating.

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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby DeltaDan » Mon Apr 14, 2008 8:59 pm

Last year DeltaLuke made the State Tourney through the DTT somehow .... and we went down with JasonC to fish it 2 days earlier than tourney day on Pine Flat.

We fished and fished and fished and fished ....and baked ..... and fished on Pine Flat for almost Nada our whole time there. -- Discouragement building up and abounding every hour of dissapointment of not being on anything.

Tourney day came that Sunday and they were off -- at the weigh-in I turned around and saw DeltaLuke carrying his very own bag !!


I can't say how much I cried on seeing that happen from our frustration on lake fishing .... But I can tell you all how much we cryed with happiness in joy of going out and JUST FISHING !!






and the capper of a tell-tail sign for Just and AWESOME fishing trip ~~


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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby hydrate2o » Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:56 pm

Almost three years ago I took my daughter then 7 and my son 11 to Lake Amador. My little girl insisted on using her Barbie pole. I told her that their were big fish in the lake and I didnt think she could get them in with it but no way, she had to use it. I rigged it up and went on to set up my son. She said "Daddy I am getting a tug" I looked over and she was hanging on for dear life. She boated her first fish about a 4 pound trout. She was squeeling like crazy and all the fisherman around her, about 25 of them stood up on the bank and boats and cheered her! After her 6th fish they didnt say a thing as their luck was not as good. Every time she would squeel and reel , when the fish was in the boat she would hold them with both arms. End of the day Dad 3, son 3, daughter 9! It was the best day I ever had. I cried by myself because it was the most special time. You see when I was 17 my father and I fished the same lake and he died the next day. That was May 29th 1975 I was 17. It was the first time I had been able to fish that lake since then. Yeah it was something else. God Bless all Dad's and Mom's that spend time with their kids. You never know....
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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby obsessed fisherman » Tue Apr 15, 2008 7:57 pm

Trolling for stripers with my brother-in-law, hollered at him "fish on". He turned around to grab the pole, then turned back around with a sick look on his face. The fish had pulled rod and all into the delta. It wasn't my pole, but my Dad's newest and I was sick. We threw spoons and jigs, but no luck, the pole was gone. About an hour later we hooked a fish, and as it got closer, I saw two broken back rebels in it's mouth. Pulled it in and sure enough, the same little striper had hit the same lure and we got the rod and reel back. Needless to say, the beer tasted better the rest of the afternoon.

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H-M-M-M, tough choice...

Postby Ken C. » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:01 pm

I've had so many it is hard to choose. It could be that time I was fishing a very small, hidden pond with an ultra-light pack rod and caught a very small bass. While I was reeling it in... out in the middle of the pond the tules started "rattling" and literally PARTED as this monster bass rushed over and engulfed the bass that was on the end of my line. I was totally flabergasted :shock: :shock: having never seen anything like that before. I mean the bass that I had on was perhaps ju-u-u-u-s-s-t legal and here comes this giant and eats it in one gulp! I couldn't do anything - I just couldn't even move! I know I tried to set the hook and missed, since I hadn't allowed the big fish to actually swallow the small fish... All I got back was the now stunned bass that was on my hook.

I think most of mine though revolve around fishing with my sons. One of the more memorable was when we were salmon fishing off the Pittsburg PG&E plant. Jason was about 4 at the time and had his little Zebco Mickey Mouse fishing rod. I had tied on a huge #4 Blue Fox for him as that was the lure-du-jur, which I had spent some time putting a keen edge on the hooks the day before. Well, Jason had been enamored with my fly-casting for trout and decided to.... You guessed it! Out of the corner of my eye I see him start whipping his little Zebco back and forth and ends up just burying one of the trebles into the top of his head!!! :shock: :shock: Fortunately it was on his forward cast so it didn't get him in the face or his eye. Someone had a pair of side-cutters so I was able to cut the rest of the lure off before our trip to the E.R. Fortunately I had sharpened the points and left enough of the hook out the back so the MD only had to disinfect and push the hook on around and out! I still have the remnants of that lure on my wall.

I have a cople of old photos of Jason and his Micey Mouse rod fishing with me on the Feather River that I will try to copy and post. He's always got this big grin on his face when he's fishing.

One thing that is so special to me is that my dad died when I was 6 months old so I never had anyone to take me out fishing, camping or hunting. But I am blessed to be able to spend time with Jason who has taken up all three of those pastimes with gusto, and now to see him up there fishing in tournaments, seeing his name in print and hearing all of the positive things other anglers have to say about him are really something special.

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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby froteur » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:28 pm

i'm 50 years old and have been fishing since i was 5. i have many favorite moments. many earlier in life fishing with my dad and grandfather, and many over the last 10 years fishing with my dad and my son, who is now 16.

i still recall to this day an outing i had with my dad. i was probably an early teen at the time. we went to lake hennessy/conn dam to fish for channel cats. it was one of those days. we, along with everyone else, caught a fish on every cast. we were fishing with live redworms and finally had to stop fishing when we ran out of bait. we had, literally, caught over 100 cats that day.

then there was the magical trout fishing day with my son. he was around 7. it was mid april and was raining like crazy. suddenly it all stopped and we got bluebird skies. i asked my son if he wanted to go hit up lafayette reservoir for a bit. of course, he said "yes". we got to the reservoir with only about 45 minuted left to fish. we had a fish on before i could even get the second line in the water. in that 45 minutes we had 9 fish, including a 7 lber that my son landed. what a thrill for a 7 year old (and his dad)

the second memory with my son was at san pablo. again we were catfishing. i think my son was 8 then (maybe he was still 7). in any case he really really, really wanted a san pablo "whopper" cat ... a cat over 10 lbs. about half an hour before it was time to leave we landed his first ever whopper cat at san pablo. my son was so happy that he started to cry. i almost cried with him. it weighed a little over 10 lbs. man, what a BIG fish, in more ways than one. :D :D :D

lastly, my son landed his personal best largemouth last year .... 9lbs 11.2 oz. less than one trout short of his first DD. landed it on a hudd, of course. he was so excited and happy that his legs and hands were shaking for 15 minutes after he landed the fish.

THESE are my most memorable moments (to date). i hope to make many more with my dad and my son over the years. :D :D


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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby Dan McKenzie » Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:37 pm

This is difficult, a lifetime of memories and to choose only one.
Diamond Lake Oregon, 1972 Labor Day weekend. My Father, brother and I, his two best friend and their sons went to diamond Lake every Labor Day for a number of years during the late 60's to mid 70's.

In 1972 we got a small car topper Sears fiberglass (NO GEL COAT!) 12 ft. boat with a 7.5 Mercury, an early model flasher unit, and usually just one rod apiece. Salmon eggs, a big block of Velveta cheese, the Velveta and our secret weapon, Zeke's floating bait, green garlic scent! Oh yea, gunny sacks for our catch. We hammered them each and every year.

My brother always caught the biggest and the most, and man you never heard the end of it. He still catches the hell out of them, only thank god he quit bragging.

That boat was the ithciest, scratchiest, most awesome little boat ever. More trout, salmon, halibut, sandabs and flounder than could ever be counted were caught from that little 12 footer. I've spotted a few of those green fiberglass boats over the years, great memories, but I wouldn't get in one now if you paid me to.

We are fortunate to have had so many great trips through our lives, and continue to do so, only now without our Dad.
From a Son's point of view, there is almost nothing better you can do for your child than to get them hooked on camping, fishing and hunting. There is still enough left of the outdoors to find a place like Diamond lake, give them something that will last them a lifetime. It really doesn't get much better, nor would I want it to.

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Re: Favorite fishing memory

Postby Burke » Wed Apr 16, 2008 8:27 am

Like many of you, my favorite memories are fishing with my dad who died in 2001. I was born and raised in Woodland. My dad owned his own restaurant and worked long hours but he alway found time to go fishing with us when he wasn't working. Before we were able to drive, he would always tell us the night before that we would go fishing in the morning (getting up at 5:00AM). Any other time, we hated getting up in the morning, but all my dad had to do was to tug our feet (my dad's way of waking us) and my brother and I would be out of bed in a flash.

We didn't care what we fished for, it was just getting out there to fish. We didn't have a boat, but my dad knew a lot of farmers so he use to take us to "secret" places and private fishing areas. My dad was very basic when it came to fishing with us in the 50's and 60's. We mainly used Bombers, Sonic lures, and other fishing lures that cost only a few dollars. His one tackle box was so small (about the size off a 6 pack of soda) that we never had more than 2-3 of a particular lure. If we were all using the same lure and you lost yours, then you had to use some other type of lure until we got home to buy some another one of the one you lost. We took our fish home in an old potato sack.

Each of us had only 2 rods with Garcia spinning reels (one for black bass fishing and one for striped bass fishing -- each outfit probably cost less than $50). Nowadays, I have 10 rod and reel outfits that cost about $500 each and so much tackle that I have 3 tackle boxes and some other storage containers.

Every now and then, I think back to the days of simplicity.....

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