Diesel Tow Vehicle

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Diesel Tow Vehicle

Postby b2customrods » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:42 am

Been doing allot of online research for something to tow my 2011 BassCat Pantera IV around with. Im currently using my 2001 Yukon XL 2WD. It has the 5.3CI V8 and on level ground does fine but going through the hills like Vasco Rd. its a real slug. I lost the second tranny I had replaced about 30000 miles ago about 2 weeks ago so now im on my 3rd transmission.

I dont tow anything other than my boat and I would love a diesel to tow through the hills with but I have a couple of issues with this.

Diesels are only available in the 3/4 ton trucks and heavier. Isnt that a bit overkill? Whats with all the damn 4X4? I need that like I need a second wife. The only time I see snow is when I take my Golden Retrievers to it. My real big issue is why isnt there a Suburban/Tahoe type truck with a diesel? I love my Yukon for its size but hate the light duty drivetrain dont like the ride of a 3/4 ton. I dont like the ride of a pickup either. So am I stuck?

What ever happened to the 4.5L diesel GM and Ford were going to put in the 1/2 ton trucks? This would be a perfect match for towing a bass boat. Much more torque for towing through the hills. Better fuel mileage over the large liter diesels currently available. Better ride in my opinion over a 3/4 ton especially if you get a 2WD.

Any thoughts or opinions?

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Re: Diesel Tow Vehicle

Postby Ringer » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:05 am

The old promise of a half ton diesel has been around for the last ten years. I think we will eventually get one from Toyota or Ford but no idea of when. I have the F250 and the upside is tremendous towing power, long life and a great tranny. Downside is expensive diesel at 14 mpg towing, 15 quart oil changes and if something needs fixing it costs a lot. I spent $6000 on my 6.0 to make it a great engine. I like the 3/4 ton because I hunt, haul firewood and own a woodworking shop. I think the ride is good. The only other thing available is the Excursion with a diesel but it is still a 3/4 ton chassis. I have 150000 on this one and plan on driving it another 200000 payment free so that is also an upside. If you don't need one then buy a brand with better transmissions. Ford is good in that area and most people I know love the F150. GM has always had weak trannies on their half ton rigs IMO.

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