The new Ford diesel 6.7-any reports yet?

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The new Ford diesel 6.7-any reports yet?

Postby jimmyG » Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:34 am

Ford started making their own diesel motor in 2011. Any body have any esperience with it yet? Any website where one might go to for consumer reports? In the market for one but I may have to go to Dodge cummings if Ford is not up to par. Thanks for any replies, Jim.

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Re: The new Ford diesel 6.7-any reports yet?

Postby Big Daddy TR21 » Sun May 08, 2011 8:13 pm

All new Diesels have an extra tank for an additive to help the run cleaner, in the Fords they run Urea. It's an additive that helps them burn more complete and keep the particulate filters clean. My son has the Dodge and hates it, in fact trying to sell it because in just 18 months 5 Turbos have gone out on it and his friends that have the 11's are not having much better luck. I would wait and make sure all the manufactures have this worked out before I would invest on it. $50K is a lot of cash to have in the shop all the time. JMO
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Re: The new Ford diesel 6.7-any reports yet?

Postby Top This Truck » Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:47 pm

I am in the market for a new truck myself. I have had two customers over the last week speak very highly of the 6.7. Both customers have 2009/10 models and also the new 2010/11 6.7ltr.
The performance is measureably better and the mileage is superior to the 6.2's. I own a truck accessory store so we see alot of different vehicles and come across this all the time. I can elaborate more just let me know. I also have some thoughts on purchasing your truck.

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Re: The new Ford diesel 6.7-any reports yet?

Postby XMAN » Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:18 am

..Looks like the 6.7 could be a winner..just get the warranty because if you need work on that engine they have to take off the cab to do it which is a 13 hr job..depending on what you need ofcourse..if you plan on keeping it for 7-10 yrs get your pocket book ready..the problem im seeing in reading the forums the last 2 years is the 6-speed drives guys nuts in the 1-2 upshift bang and the downshift bang..what happens after it LEARNS your driving habits, LEARNS huh, and sets up the shifts points is beyoud 78 f250 C-6 tranny never had a problem in 21 years...on they have a thread 33 pages long on why guys dont like that 6-speed since feb 2010...everybody is now going to a 6-speed because of the EPA milage figs...forget current 99 stroker is good so far and im looking to spend some bucks on a new one..these new trucks scare me bigtime..i want a 10-15 year lasting aint gonna happen and the big 3 could care less...


Re: The new Ford diesel 6.7-any reports yet?

Postby stillina99pro » Sat Nov 28, 2015 11:20 am

Transmissions on Dodge have been about the crappiest for a long time now too. I have friends who Rodeo and others I work with and everyone has dropped a trans.

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