Weekend Plug Report

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Weekend Plug Report

Postby THE DR » Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:57 am

[size=150][color=#008040]Got out and fished all three days this weekend. Results were good not great... But, conditions are promising and with warm weather all this week, fish should be even more active next weekend.

Fished the Central Delta early. Water temp started at 54.5 and warmed to 55.5. Bite didn't pick up until 9am. We scored 15-20 shakers and schoolies using jerkbaits and bladed swimbaits. Fish were holding tight to rock points and berms. Still nothing on Topwater! Off the water at noon.

Fished a different zone out West. Not as many bites but, the grade was better. Finally got a solid DD on a Waver200! HK had a bigger fish on a swimbait that wrapped him in a tree a broke off! Ouch! Water was about the same temp, but vis was a shocking 2-3ft! Perfect stained green color.Image

Got out for the evening shift, back at the Central Zone. Same deal, wore out the shoolies til dark. 15-20 to the boat, biggest going 3lbs. I did hook a bigger fish that worked me over on my spin kit and 10# line. That's what I get for bringing a knife to a gun fight. I will not be switching out the line though, my goal for 2016 is a 20# fish on 10# line. Drag needs to be set just right and luck needs to be on my side. I did also get my fish TW fish of the year a small schoolie that took a 6" DWB! Spring run is taking off, can't wait for the next couple months!!

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Re: Weekend Plug Report

Postby MT » Mon Feb 22, 2016 9:09 am

Now that's a report. Nice job.

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