RTF Major League Fishing "Casitas Cup" 10/28/2017 Final Results

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RTF Major League Fishing "Casitas Cup" 10/28/2017 Final Results

Postby Rich Tauber » Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:14 pm


The top three in the first ever major-league fishing event ever held at Lake Casitas. To the left is 2017 Eric Elshere Memorial cup champion Ken Vanderburg as he led most of the day but settled in at third place catching 8 keeper bass and a fantastic third-place finish. To the right is deepwater superstar Cody Kurz as he took the lead around lunchtime when he ran into a large school of deep water fish on a jigging spoon and looked like he had victory in hand. Cody fished like an absolute warrior and congratulations on the second place finish. In the middle is 2017 RTF Casitas Cup champion Fred Klinshaw! Around 1:30 in the afternoon made the crucial decision to pick up a buzzbait in less than 1 foot of water and caught three quality bass in the 2 to 4 pound range on consecutive casts! Then with just five minutes left in the event Fred caught his final keeper a 1.9 pound bass that pushed his total to 18 pounds and just past Cody Kurz for the victory in the last few minutes of this event. I have run tournaments at Lake Casitas now for eight years and I have never been involved in anything so exciting. The ability for the anglers to catch as many fish as they can and come back from any deficit no matter how far makes this an experience that just cannot be duplicated. I’m still excited about it as I speak this morning and I want to thank all of my true soldiers that showed up and were willing to try something new and expand our horizons at RTF. Thanks to each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart and I really look forward to our second event in spring of 2018. Anglers can follow us on Facebook at RTF Bass Tour or for more information about our tour call or text Rich Tauber at (818) 439-1154.

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