Black Friday Delta report

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Black Friday Delta report

Postby Kyle46N » Fri Nov 24, 2017 4:29 pm

The kids and I were on the water early and bee lined to the Old River area. We spent most of our time in those canals near Holland's Riverside Marina. Thanks to Mr Lassagne's recent report on his FB page of throwing cranks, we busted out the red square bills. I've read plenty about the necessity of red on the Delta, but combined with my lack of confidence in cranking, I hadn't thrown the red cranks up until today. Well, I learned something today. The fish like red cranks.... :D We didn't catch anything bigger than 3 lbs, and most were a pound or two, but it was still fun. The bass were crushing it. I didn't miss a single fish. Caught somewhere around 30 in about 5 hours of fishing. My little boy and girl also were able to get their first crank fish. We didn't do anything special...just burned them along grasslines and right down the pipe of some of the smaller channels ( 8 ft or less) I could find. The fish closer to 3 lbs would come up off the bottom of the smaller channels to smack the baits. It was a good day for crankbait confidence.

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