Listing and cant trim out without blow out

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Listing and cant trim out without blow out

Postby Fisher225 » Tue May 01, 2018 8:39 am

Ok need some help here guys. Got my first bass boat couple weeks ago. Mint condition 1997 Fisher FX21 tournament. It has a 1998 Mercury 225 ECU ignition motor with a tempest 25P prop and a manual jack plate. Great boat strong motor but here's my issue. On take off it jumps out of the hole great. On plane it pulls left naturally because motor it trimmed down. I start trimming up and the pull goes away but it pushes nose down and lists left slightly. If I try and go past the quarter mark on trim gauge the back gets squirrelly and prop blows out. Does this sound like a jack plate issue or something else? Any help is appreciated thanks again.

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