“Ol’ school” gang and recent FLW Clear Lake champ join BPS Open event

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“Ol’ school” gang and recent FLW Clear Lake champ join BPS Open event

Postby AnglersPress » Wed May 16, 2018 10:37 am

GRANITE BAY, CA - You don’t have to teach old dogs “new tricks” when the old dogs already know just about every trick in the book - and know how to create new ones.

So, it goes without saying, that many of the “ol’ school” anglers fishing the 3rd annual Bass Pro Shops Open event this weekend, will have in their arsenals both the baits and techniques - that many of the “unlearned” might scoff at as outdated, ready to go, as they alone know all too well how effective and deadly these baits can still be.

Recent FLW champion Wayne Brezeale, an ol’-school angler with over 30 years of tournament experience (who is also known throughout the west for his mastery of Clearlake), has tossed his hat in the ring and will be partnered up in the event with former industry icon Larry Viviano (founder/president of West Coast Bass), to underscore that fact that his angling prowess and love for the sport of competitive bass fishing is not just limited to Clearlake, but also expands to clearer and deeper water lakes.

Recent FLW Champ and Clear Lake master Wayne Brezeale hopes to "double down" and also win the 2018 Bass Pro Shops Open with partner Larry Viviano

“We come from a time when teams HAD to be able to adapt to any kind of lake, under any kind of conditions, so we are up and ready for the challenge. At the end of the day, a bass…is a bass...is a bass, so you just have to adapt, and figure out how to make them bite – whatever lake you find yourself on”, they both noted in confident tones.

At press time, Folsom Lake is sitting at nearly full-pool, and while that might create concern and adversity for some anglers in the field, these veterans aren’t concerned as they have, over the years, experienced just about every transition and fluctuation the lake has had to offer.

So when you get to registration trailer on Saturday morning, and you see ol’ schoolers like Ryan White, Chris Raza, Kent Brown, Russ Graves, Corey Fenske, or Dean McDaniel - just to name a few, at their respective boats with split-shot rigs, Green Weenies, Binky-bugs, and Zara Spooks tied on - with perhaps a Lowrance “flasher-style” fish finder mounted in the dash, don’t laugh, the truth of the matter is that most of these ol’ schoolers have forgotten more about bass fishing than most guys in the field even know!

We look forward to seeing you all there,

Angler’s Press Outdoors

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