FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for UFC4 (Ultimate Frog Challenge)

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) for UFC4 (Ultimate Frog Challenge)

Postby AnglersPress » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:01 pm

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding this weekend's UFC4 event:

*Q: How many people can be in the boat?

A: This is a team event so only two people can be in the boat. However, we are allowing anyone that wishes to support a young person registered in the special YOUTH division, to ride along with them.

Remember, kids in the special youth division do not pay an entry fee, are competing for their own special cash purse, and can only weigh-in one fish per day - which is completely separtate from the regular teams 3-fish limit.

* Q: Do alot of people participate in this event?

A: Yes..to get an idea of the field size and what you can expect, click on the link below to see action from a past event!

* Q: Will frog baits be available to buy at the event?

A: Yes, alot of the frog baits on the market will be available throughout the event beginning Friday, July 27th, courtesy of Dan's Delta Outdoors - who will also be on site Sat at Russo’s from 7am thru the weigh-in on Saturday, and 6am thru the weigh-in on Sunday.

* Q: What are the bait restrictions for this event?

The uniqueness of this frog event is that you get to use ANY BRAND OF TOPWATER Frog YOU CHOOSE. ALL top water frog baits must be soft plastic, hollow-belly, and float on their own. Trimming the legs, coloring, and MINOR changes such as putting “dots” on the belly, is allowed.

No weights, leaders, or adding blades/props that did not come with the frog - as designed is allowed.

And YES… SnagProof's Bobby’s Perfect Buzz Frog is allowed - because it comes that way out of the package!

* Q: When does registration and blast off start?

A: Registration is from 7-11am at Russo’s and the blast off will commence promptly at 11am (day one), 6am (day two).

* Q: What’s is the format, and what is the entry fee for Pro and Am division?

A: This is a TEAM format, where you register as either a Pro Team, or and Am team. The entry fee is a low cost $200 for the Pro side, and $100 for the Am side.

* Q: Are there options? …and how do they work?

A: The “confusion” and controversy that comes with multiple option pools has been eliminated in this event as there will be only ONE option made available – the Big Fish option, which is paid back at 100% to the 3 overall big fish of the event in each division.

* Q: What’s the payback percentages?

A: This event features a simple and easy-to-calculate PURE 80% payback, at a 1 in 5 ratio.

* Q: Why is the payback not 100%?

A: Angler's Press Outdoors is hosting a competition, which takes a good size staff to ensure that it is run in a smooth and organized manner. Therfore, it is only reasonable and fair, that each person on staff be PAID appropriately for their time and hours worked. The 20% "hold back" helps ensure that these staff members are paid, and other expenses are handled.

* Q: Is there a mandatory insurance fee charged for each team?

A: No, it is not necessary to charge the angler this fee, as the cost to insure the event is only appx $50 dollars.

* Q: Is there bonus prizes or contingency money to win?

A: Yes! Currently, there is EXTRA cash & prize bonuses to win including:

* Ram "Out of the Money" Trickle Down Cash
* Gone Fishin Marine Hall of Fame cash
* Highest finishing male/female team awards

* Q: Is there a youth division?

A: YES ..it is a separate youth division, that costs NOTHING to enter, and the youth can weigh only one fish per day. The top 3 biggest overall fish caught by a REGISTERED youths, will win custom awards and cash!

*Q: Do we have to empty the boat of all other baits but frogs baits?

A: No you do not.

As with all Angler's Press Outdoors events, the honor system is firmly in place. However, ANYONE caught cheating by violating the bait rules will be disqualified and subject to all punishments and penalties as perscribed by law.

* Q: Will there be media coverage of the event?

A: Yes, there will be daily standing updates and photos via Facebook and the Angler’s Press Outdoors website

* Q: Will there be food available at the event?

A: Yes!.. A BBQ lunch will be available on Sunday.

If you have any further questions regarding this exciting event please call the Angler’s Press Outdoors offices – ANYTIME at 916-768-0938.

See you there...

And may the the BEST frog win!

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