New Idaho Smallmouth Record

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New Idaho Smallmouth Record

Postby WB Staff » Mon May 11, 2020 8:03 pm

Catch and Release Record for Idaho Smallmouth

Dustin Shepherd with a 22.75-inch Smallmouth Bass, caught at Dworshak Reservoir May 2, 2020. The fish landed Dustin a new catch/release state record.
New Idaho Smallmouth Record.jpg

Congratulations to Dustin Shepherd of Lewiston, Idaho on breaking the most recent catch and release state record. Dustin was fishing Dworshak Reservoir when he landed the monster smallmouth bass. The fish measured 22.75 inches total length, which was long enough to pass the previous record of 22 inches set by Rick Poedtke in 2018.

Dworshak Reservoir has a well-deserved reputation for producing big bronzebacks, and holds the state's current certified weight record caught by Dan Steigers at 9.72 pounds! While there have been many big bass caught, Steigers' record has stood since 2006.

Avid bass anglers look forward to springtime each year, as its offers the best chances to see large smallmouth bass. Smallmouth feed more aggressively as water temperatures rise into the 50's before spawning. As the summer arrives and bass finish spawning, smallmouth can be harder to catch ast they retreat to deep water, looking for cooler temperatures.

Think you can land a record? Check out the state record fish program pages for more info!

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