NewJen Bass tournaments

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NewJen Bass tournaments

Postby Popper » Mon May 25, 2020 8:25 am

This weekend NewJen Bass tournaments were a refreshing experience to restart the 2020 season of competition and passion we all love in the sport of bass fishing.

Tournament Directors and NewJen Bass worked tirelessly with local/State officials and DFG to develop a tournament format for two days that met current requirements during these difficult times.
-Gentlemen, this was no easy task considering the challenges today.

Based on my observation, Saturday and Sunday events were very successful and professionally executed by NewJen bass.

The excitement and camaraderie was in the air as anglers showed the enthusiasm of hitting the river again in competition.

Thank you NewJen Bass for your exhaustive, tireless efforts to bringing some normalcy to our sport this year.

All west coast anglers should consider supporting this circuit.

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