Expanded Roles for Cody Meyer and Randy Howell

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Expanded Roles for Cody Meyer and Randy Howell

Postby WB Staff » Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:40 pm

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Expanded Roles for Daiwa Pros

Meyer Adds Lures and Howell takes on J-Fluoro Samurai Fluorocarbon Lines

It takes a lot to stay at the top of your field, especially in the fishing world where the leaderboard always seems to be changing. You’ve got to put in the work, invest the time, stay hungry and balance yourself on the cutting edge of innovation and technology. In short, you need to earn your place among the elite and have the resolve to stay there.

After more than 60 years at the top of the recreational fishing industry, Daiwa knows a little something about what it takes to thrive and grow amongst stiff competition. For one thing, says Curt Arakawa, Daiwa’s USA Marketing Manager, it requires a knowledgeable team that’s willing to listen carefully to what anglers have to say when it comes to tackle and equipment needs, exploring new possibilities, and envisioning better products for the future.

“That’s exactly why we’re proud to announce expanded roles for Daiwa pro team members Cody Meyer and Randy Howell,” says Arakawa. “It’s hard to imagine two more qualified anglers to represent and promote the Daiwa brand while adding their hard-earned fishing knowledge to our design and development process. These guys have won the respect of their peers and demonstrated their fishing prowess day after day on the professional circuit. Not only are they excellent anglers, they are proven team players with keen insight into what makes things tick from a fishing perspective.”

Meyer, 37, from Star, Idaho, has accumulated over 30 top ten finishes in his 12-year professional career, including a win at the Bassmaster Western Open on Shasta Lake, CA in 2005. A Daiwa pro-staffer since 2013, he specializes in finesse tactics and fishes from coast to coast catching a ton of bass and shaking a lot of hands along the way.

“Cody already promotes and consults for many of our products,” notes Arakawa. “We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with him to also include working with Ever Green International’s lures and Daiwa NEKO Soft Plastics, which Daiwa distributes.”

Ever Green Flat Force.jpg

Ever Green Flat Force

The additional duties make Meyer the first pro-team member involved in all major aspects of Daiwa fishing. His strong knowledge of lure action, color and design should have an immediate impact in matching the Japanese-engineered Ever Green and Daiwa NEKO soft Plastics to the baitfish and prey species found here in the U.S.A.

“I’m really excited at the opportunity to help with lure development, in addition to my other duties,” says Meyer. “I love how Daiwa counts on its pro staff to provide input. That just makes a lot of sense. We all fish for a living. We’re on the water daily so we get to know what anglers need, what works and what doesn’t. It makes a difference when an industry leader like Daiwa factors in our suggestions. That’s one reason I’m so honored to be here.”

Long time pro Randy Howell has focused on rods, reels and J-Braid lines for Daiwa over the years. Now he’ll be joining Meyer and fellow pro-team member Ish Monroe in also promoting Daiwa’s J-Fluoro Samurai Fluorocarbon Line. You might know Howell, 47, from his “Miracle Win” at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Guntersville, or from any of his nearly 50 top ten tourney finishes. The Guntersville, Alabama, resident has been on the professional trail for 27 years and he’s still going strong.

“Working with Daiwa since 2007 has just been terrific and I’m really looking forward to fishing both the J-Braid braided line I’ve used for the past four years and adding the J-Fluoro Samurai line to my arsenal this season,” reveals Howell. “I had a chance to give them a try late last year and was amazed by their strength, thin diameter and sensitivity. The quality is just so good, I had to have them. I love the smoothness, and the power. Plus, with such a thin diameter, I can fish with a higher breaking strength and thinner line - that’s key in clear water and places seeing a lot of pressure.”

When it comes your fishing arsenal, whether it’s rods, reels, lines or lures, Howell suggests asking yourself one question before heading out:

“Do I want to fish with good gear or great gear?”

“Daiwa,” he says proudly, “knows the right answer. I’m already rigged and ready to go!”
Daiwa pro Randy Howel.jpg

Daiwa pro Randy Howell

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