Fishing New Melones Lake This Week May 7

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Fishing New Melones Lake This Week May 7

Postby StanL » Thu May 06, 2021 11:28 pm

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This week I was able to head over to New Melones with my buddy Earl Dalton for a day of fun fishing, and I have to say we had a blast!

When we put the boat in the water, the surface temperature was 65.

We started off with a variety of topwater baits. I settled in on a Rico popper and Earl went with a walking bait. I am not sure what brand he had on.

For the first couple hours we played the shade, what I mean by that is we fished-any bank that had a shade line and it and it was on!

When the sun got higher, we noticed the water was pretty clear. After that we started fishing the back of coves. We caught quite a few with a big TRD green pumpkin Ned rig and a brown 3/8 oz Bass Union jig with a Yamamoto Twin Tail trailer. We stopped by Hook'd tackle store in Ione for more big TRD’s and I’m glad we did. With that being said please support your local tackle stores.
I hope this helps.
Good luck fishing!
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Re: Fishing New Melones Lake This Week May 7

Postby marinerfandave » Fri May 07, 2021 4:48 am

Nice job Stan and thanks for the report on what was working, appreciate you sharing that

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