Fishing vessel suspected to be illegally harvesting

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Fishing vessel suspected to be illegally harvesting

Postby WB Staff » Sun Oct 24, 2021 6:36 pm


From Texas Game Wardens
On 10/19, while patrolling the Gulf of Mexico with a commercial fisheries focus, Texas Game Wardens responded to a call for assistance about a possible fishing vessel that was suspected to be illegally harvesting red snapper.
USCG successfully interdicted the fishing vessel, aka a lancha, that was found to be a foreign vessel from Mexico illegally fishing for red snapper in US waters.

Texas Game Wardens assisted with the transportation and towing of the vessel and crew. Crew and vessel were turned over to USCG SPI Station for further processing.

Patrolling with TPWD was a South Carolina Game Warden who was vacationing in South Padre Island with his family but who also wanted to join Texas Game Wardens for a day. We were honored by his visit and glad to accommodate.

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