12.47 to Win the Delta

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12.47 to Win the Delta

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Dan Mathisen Outdoors
The #WeFishForHimTournament Series
Team Event #1 1-22-2022
Knightsen Ca- Here are the WeFishForHim Series Results from a great first day at Holland Riverside Marina. Tough Winter conditions only 9 boats made it out to what ended up being a beautiful day on the California Delta. The first event brought out some new faces, here’s a few names you may be familiar with on the River. With Wind gusting 40 to 50 MPH Friday into the wee hours of Saturday morning and a brutally tough bite our dedicated core anglers came out for one of the most affordable BEST paying circuits on the California Delta. With the continued support of Value Plumbing, Diamond Pet Food. The new additions of Ben Green Insurance, The Bass Hole and Toxic Baits things are looking up for the WeFishForHim Tournament Series. Yes, it’s true Big Fish Matter in addition to the Big Fish option money Ceaser at Toxic Baits is adding Tackle Packs to the tally for the team scoring Big Fish at each event. (about $250 Value). So the only thing that would make this better is YOU!
1st $910 plus $90= $1000
2nd $440 plus $60= $500
3rd $100 plus $40= $140 (courtesy ShotShell-labs)
Big Fish $135 Plus Toxic Baits Tackle pack
$160 towards TOC
Boater Non boater Big Fish Weight
Joey Skym Gary Mullins 3.03 12.47
Dee Thomas Grant Olguin 2.35 10
Ron Smith Lonnie Woodlief 3.12 5.52
Marc Young Dave Newton 2.42 4.35
Rodney Brinser Rodney Brinser SR 0
Steven Ehler Lisa Graham 0
Rich Fonbuena Pat Jamison 0
Ceaser Chaves Christopher Chavez 0
Rick Degaetano Ed Ackerman 0
Next Stop For Dan Mathisen Outdoors WeFishForHim Tournament Series February 19th back at our host marina Holland Riverside. Remember Fish Five to Qualify for TOC. We allow a Throw outs for AOY Race. So there is plenty of time to get in and fish with some of the Best Anglers in Northern California. $225 All-in $50 Annual Membership. With this years great Schedule plenty of chances to get out and fish look at Dan Mathisen Outdoors on Facebook for more info
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Re: 12.47 to Win the Delta

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:?: :?: 9 boats why bother?
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Re: 12.47 to Win the Delta

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Why not! Not everyone fishes for 100s of 1000s of dollars, like maybe you do. Lots of guys fish for no money, just for fun or for bragging rights or club levels or $20 derbies. Why be a hater on someone elses fun. Dan runs a good tournment. Paybacks are fair. Guys enjoy it. So again why not! Or I guess someone could ask, why go fish one of the 80 or 100boat tournaments and go home with the same amount of money that most of the guys go home with which is nothing. Or we could all just fish what we enjoy for ourself and not have to be asked why bother.
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Re: 12.47 to Win the Delta

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If it's good enough for Dee Thomas it's good enough for me!
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Re: 12.47 to Win the Delta

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slickone wrote: Wed Feb 09, 2022 4:41 am :?: :?: 9 boats why bother?
9 boats and win a grand... I like that....
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Re: 12.47 to Win the Delta

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Think 40 - 50 MPH winds had anything to do with it? :?

Appears to be a great group to fish with! :D

Good luck!
Glenn Abuelhaj
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