Sturgeon fishing regulations

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Sturgeon fishing regulations

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Sturgeon Your Feedback Is Important: Take the Questionnaire!
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is currently evaluating White Sturgeon fishing regulations and would like your feedback. Responses from this questionnaire will be used to describe angler preferences for White Sturgeon and may be used to inform CDFW's management objectives for the fishery. The current harvest regulations for White Sturgeon caught in the sport fishery are: minimum length of 40 inches FL (fork length) and maximum length of 60 inches FL, one per day with no more than one in possession, and a limit of three per year (California Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations).
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Re: Sturgeon fishing regulations

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Fork length means to where the tail forks at the end of the body, not to the tip of the fork's longest point.
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