C.O. Pro-Teen Classic XVIII, Jimenez clips Weis!

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C.O. Pro-Teen Classic XVIII, Jimenez clips Weis!

Postby Cooch » Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:51 pm

On a hot, calm muggy day on the California Delta, 71 teens converged upon our Delta bass and they were not disappointed with the bite. The bite was excellent, and although we had to double up some and pack those 71 teens into 55 boats, every one of them teens, and their pros, had a blast fishing the Delta. Sneaking out the victory with an awesome summer weight of Delta clones, was Alfredo Jimenez. The 16 year old from Ceres California drew Steve Wilson and they smashed a bag of 20.53 pound on topwater and vibrating jigs. A close second at 20.23, fishing with previous Pro-Teen kid now fishing his 5th CO PT Classic as a boater, John Clark, Brandyn Weis, 18 also from Ceres, came to the scales with 20.23. These two teams had 5 clones, neither weighting a fish over 5 pounds. Third place went to the lone kid who showed up at 4:15am asking if I had a boater so he could enter. This young man patiently waited until the very end and all our pre-signed teens had been paired. How was his luck today when the last boater to pull into the parking lot was Bobby Barrack! Bobby said, "This kid Malachi, he was on it and put our first four fish in the boat tossing a blade on our first stop!" Malachi Valenzuela and his pro came to the scales with a solid bag of 5 fish weighing in at 19.56 pounds! Finishing in 4th place was Garret Dayton with 17.03 pounds. Garret, now 19 has fished seven events starting when he was 13. He was so happy to finally crack the top 10 and get into the big wood! Garret's bag was all caught on Yamamoto Senko's, anchored by his pro's, Bill Rowels', 10.37 pound gorilla delta bass, which was the biggest fish caught by all anglers on this day.! Weighing only four fish, Garret was one bite away from ending his C.O.Pro-Teen career on top. 16 year old Loren Nitsos of Sacramento rounded out the top five with a solid bag weighing in at 16.90. Big fish of the day for the teens went to Jack Brydon, yankin an 8.10 pound Delta toad outa the grass.

Awesome day on the River with these kids, details and full result to follow in a day or so after we recover from today's 100 degree, sun drenched, fun filled day!
Doin it like an Elite pro! I won this thing!

8.10lb Teen big fish, 3 bass fer 15.27 lbs

What a nice surprise, it pays to be patient!

Bobby doing what he does really well, talkin about an amazing lil angler to the crowd.
Wow! 10.37 pound of Summer Delta bass!

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Re: C.O. Pro-Teen Classic XVIII, Jimenez clips Weis!

Postby jcat » Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:49 am

Thanks Cooch for another great event....Thanks to all the volunteers that help put this event together...hats off to you all!

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Re: C.O. Pro-Teen Classic XVIII, Jimenez clips Weis!

Postby 185vsfrog » Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:44 am

What an awesome story Cooch! Those kids are the future of the sport. Big praise to all of the people involved for giving these kids memories they will never forget. Count me in next year.

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Re: C.O. Pro-Teen Classic XVIII, Jimenez clips Weis!

Postby Stratos278 » Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:26 pm

This was truly an awesome event! I had been reading about the Pro-Teen tourneys for several years here on Western Bass (and NCBF before that) but this was the first year that I had the time, with no schedule conflicts, to participate. I was paired with a young gentleman from Folsom who was five days shy of his 16th birthday, and to say he was a "stick" is an understatement! That kid could flat-out fish! He had his first fish in the boat within a half hour of blast-off, and a limit by 8:30. He ended the day with a solid 12 lb bag, all caught by himself (yes, he put a beat-down on me, I got skunked :oops: ) But, you know what? I didn't really care about that, because the day was all about the kids. And every young man or lady I had the opportunity to talk to (or just observe) was polite, respectful and totally thrilled to be participating. And to see the smiles on these kids' faces when they brought their fish to the scales was a sight to behold! Like 185vsfrog said, these young anglers are the future of our sport, and they deserve all our support. I was proud, honored, and even a little humbled to be a part of this. I will be back next year.
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